Star Ocean dev, tri-Ace , New Duke Nukem Forever trailer (NSFW) and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2011-04-26 on Tamugaia - Star Ocean dev, tri-Ace reveals cutting-edge game engine, and New Duke Nukem Forever trailer (NSFW).
Star Ocean dev, tri-Ace reveals cutting-edge game engine - ... [ View ]

New Duke Nukem Forever trailer (NSFW) - Eager fans will be happy to hear that the kind individuals at Gearbox and 2K Games have decided to release another trailer for the up and coming Duke Nukem forever. So, for those of you are enthusiastic ab... [ View ]

Nintendo confirms ‘Wii 2’ will launch in 2012 - ... [ View ]

F.E.A.R 3 gets a new backstory trailer and Minecraft hits two million in sales - ... [ View ]

Sony rebuilding servers, getting close to bringing PSN online - ... [ View ]

PSN still down: Has Sony fscked up? - ... [ View ]

Legend of Fae - ... [ View ]

PSNow! - Sucker Punch Exclusive Interview about new IP and more!! - ... [ View ]

Valve spuds your wallet, delivers soft on Portal promise - Extra Guy writes: Say what you will about Valve, but you cant deny the fact that they know their fans, to the point where they can exploit them for absurd financial gain. With the unmitigated frenzy leadi... [ View ]

How Project Cafe Can Win Back The Hardcore - Throughout the last few weeks there has been a lot revealed about Nintendos next console, the Wii 2 or Project Café. Amongst the clamor we have heard information about various specs of the system itself,... [ View ]

L.A Noires Script Is Equal To Two Seasons Of Television - GameBlurb writes, "At this evenings Tribeca Film Festival where there was a premiere for L.A. Noire, Rockstar had mentioned during the talk that the script for L.A Noire was about almost 2200 pages long."... [ View ]

NBA All-Star Rudy Gay Has Game Off the Court - Rudy Gay has emerged as one of the big stars of the youth-driven Memphis Grizzlies, who have established themselves as a team to be reckoned with in the NBA Playoffs. The former UConn star has transferred... [ View ]

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