Spike VGA wrap-up: the w, Game Of The Year Results + Final Poll and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2011-12-13 on Tamugaia - Spike VGA wrap-up: the winners, Command & Conquer and Metal Gear Rising made by new studios, and Game Of The Year Results + Final Poll.
Spike VGA wrap-up: the winners, Command & Conquer and Metal Gear Rising made by new studios - ... [ View ]

Game Of The Year Results + Final Poll - ... [ View ]

Six Must-Play DS Visual Novels - Though they're barely games, these titles offer a veritable Reading Rainbow of enjoyment.... [ View ]

Aonuma Expects Future Zelda Games to Use Skyward Sword-Style Motion Controls - A return to controls based around buttons has been deemed unlikely.... [ View ]

Microsoft Still Looking to Produce Original Programming for Xbox Live - The company is currently looking for a TV exec to head up the efforts.... [ View ]

MW3 wins race to a Billion, keeps going strong - ... [ View ]

PS3 other OS class suit thrown out - ... [ View ]

Naughty Dog’s first words on The Last of Us - ... [ View ]

In Other News – 12 December - ... [ View ]

Privateer Press previews Retribution of Scyrah Warjack Kit - Privateer Press previews an upcoming warjacks for the Retribution of Scyrah: From their website: Recently unleashed upon the enemies of the Retribution, House Vyre’s myrmidons were developed with distinc... [ View ]

Ramshackle Games releases the Slag Dragon - Ramshackle Games releases a new resin beastie, the Slag Dragon: From their website: The latest model in the Ramshackle Games range is the new Slag Dragon. Its a resin model and all the parts are available... [ View ]

Pirate Viking Painting Webstore Holiday Offer - Pirate Viking Painting Webstore is offering a special holiday discount: From their announcement: Season’s Greetings from Jeff the Pirate Viking! To celebrate the upcoming festive season Pirate Viking Pai... [ View ]

Gringo40s.co.uk Releases New 28mm Line - Gringo40s.co.uk release a new line of 28mm historical miniatures: From their announcement: Gringo40s.co.uk is a new range of metal 28mm Maximilian Adventure 1861-67 this is a painted sample from the brushw... [ View ]

Demo’s Laser-Cut Designs LLC 28mm Furniture Sets - Demo’s Laser-Cut Designs LLC releases 28mm furniture sets:... [ View ]

Ten minutes of Uncharted: Golden Abyss footage - ... [ View ]

Gotham City Impostors trailer gets you initiated - ... [ View ]

Modern Warfare 3 hotfix update today - ... [ View ]

Xbox Live Arcade update - ... [ View ]

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance screenshots are slash happy - ... [ View ]

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