Someone Or Something Mov, A Haunting and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2019-09-17 on Tamugaia - Someone Or Something Moved My Hand, and A Haunting.
Someone Or Something Moved My Hand - ... [ View ]

A Haunting - One day I bought a 3 bedroom house for my son and myself to live in. I was divorced and raising my son alone. At the time my son was about 8 years old. The house was nice with a pool. I used one bedroom fo... [ View ]

1750s Horror Home In Historic Massachusetts - ... [ View ]

Gralien Report News for September 16, 2019 - ... [ View ]

Unidentified: U.S. Navy Confirms The Objects in These Videos Can’t Be Explained - ... [ View ]

Rare, bizarre fish caught off Norwegian Island - One angler got the surprise of his life recently when he reeled up this alien-like fish with huge bulbous eyes. Known as a ratfish, this 300 million-y...... [ View ]

CIA declassifies Cold War spy animal files - Newly released documents have revealed how the CIA used birds and other animals during the Cold War. When it came to spying on the Soviets, no stone w...... [ View ]

Bigfoot May Have Scared Driver Off Road in Kalamazoo, Michigan - If Fox Mulder was based in Kalamazoo, he’d need a second poster just for Michigan that reads: “I Want To Believe … in Bigfoot!” “About 8:30 this morning I was driving down 131 almost to the D Ave... [ View ]

The Mystery of the Sayhuite Monolith - Truly one of the great lost civilizations of the earth is the Inca Empire of the Andes Mountains of Peru. At its most powerful and illustrious during the 14th and 15th centuries, the Inca Empire at one poi... [ View ]

The Strange and Ancient Tale of a Welsh Dragon - An approximately one-mile-long body of water in Clwyd, North Wales, Llyn Cynwch Lake is renowned for the story of its resident monster, a wyvern – a story that dates back centuries, although the precise... [ View ]

The Source of All Solar System Comets May Have Been Found - “Where do comets come from?” It’s one of those children’s bedtime questions (not as bad as the BIG one about babies) that can be answered (up to a certain age) with “Ask your mother,” but will... [ View ]

A Scottish Monster That Isn’t Nessie - If you thought that the Loch Ness Monsters are the only strange creatures that have been reported in Scotland, you would be wrong. Today, our world has no shortage of monsters: Bigfoot, the Chupacabra, and... [ View ]

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