Solar Storm Eurption 10-, ‘Volunteer’ Souls & Lost Knowledge: Dolores Cannon (2/12) and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2011-03-13 on Tamugaia - Solar Storm Eurption 10-10-10 News Report, and ‘Volunteer’ Souls & Lost Knowledge: Dolores Cannon (2/12).
Solar Storm Eurption 10-10-10 News Report - www.SolarStormWarning.com Sunspot 1112 This is a must listen to news broadcast. Sheeple need not watch this video. About our website: We are not about selling products. We are about informing the public an... [ View ]

‘Volunteer’ Souls & Lost Knowledge: Dolores Cannon (2/12) - Past-life regressionist and author Dolores Cannon discussed the waves of people known as “volunteers,” aliens in human form, who are coming to Earth in increasing numbers, and other “lost... [ View ]

David Wilcock Groundbreaking New Physics Surrounding Pyramids [FULL + HD] - zackcovell.com | David Wilcock has re-analyzed the Bosnian Pyramids and other ancient monuments. His new physics theory of how they were built by “altering” matter is presented here. There... [ View ]

Atlantis-Lemuria-Aliens-p1/2..Michael Tsarion - 2004-Michael Tsarion interviewed by Coast to Coast am. Genetic manipulation, Atlantis & Lemurias destruction Video Rating: 5 / 5... [ View ]

Michio Kaku tells us not to worry… again. 2012 happens every day! - 2011.01.07 ~ America Live with Megyn Kelly Reporting: Trace Gallagher Special Guest: Michio Kaku (a “Hawvawd” grad at the top of his class) You see all that is going on around the world, and yo... [ View ]

PARANORMAL NEWS: Earthquake Prediction, Supermoon Disaster, Haunted Theater (About) - ... [ View ]

READER QUESTION: Can the Ouija board solve problems? (About) - ... [ View ]

4-5 bright spherical objects drifting 100-200ft over Lowell MA - I was driving on Rt 3 in Lowell MA to get to 495 South. While on the highway I noticed 5 spherical objects drifting in formation. I remember thinking that they looked like balls of fire because they were a... [ View ]

Cougars can’t handle Aztecs this ti… – Salt Lake Tribune (blog) - Cougars can't handle Aztecs this ti…Salt Lake Tribune (blog)The UFO landing zone is an out-of-this-world introduction to the whimsical mind of master … Despite "South Park," the rau... [ View ]

Ghost forces Kondhwa school to shut - A school in India has closed after its students fled following reports of supernatural activity. Last Monday the students of Lady Haleema Begum Urdu S...... [ View ]

SETI releases alien-hunting Android app - SetiQuest Explorer is currently in a private beta stage and will be available on the iPhone this summer. "We want to tap into the brain power of the w...... [ View ]

Archaeologists to dig for legendary elephant - An excavation in the garden of a British pub hopes to uncover the remains of a famous elephant. The story of the Tregaron Elephant has been a part of ...... [ View ]

Laser scans Stonehenge for its secrets - Archaeologists are scanning Stonehenge with lasers hoping to find clues to how it was constructed. In 1993, photographic documentation was performed t...... [ View ]

PARANORMAL NEWS: Earthquake Prediction, Supermoon Disaster, Haunted Theater - ... [ View ]

READER QUESTION: Can the Ouija board solve problems? - ... [ View ]

How To Test Your Psychic Ability With Zener Cards - ... [ View ]

THE LATEST LINKS: Hollow Earth Letter, Australian Bigfoot, Channeling Methods - ... [ View ]

Video: Bigfoot startled by shotgun - ... [ View ]

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