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The gaming news of 2017-03-26 on Tamugaia - Sniper Elite 4 - Review | Sirus Gaming, and Troll and I - Review | Sirus Gaming.
Sniper Elite 4 - Review | Sirus Gaming - James: "While Sniper Elite 4 may not be a game for every breed of gamer, if youre a fan of slowly finding ways to efficiently kill Nazis then Sniper Elite 4 might just be the game for you."... [ View ]

Troll and I - Review | Sirus Gaming - Lex wrote: "It had promise, a potential where you can control both man and creature in a thrilling adventure that would almost be like The Last Guardian, oh hell I was horribly wrong about this one."... [ View ]

SuperPhillip Central | Super Bomberman R (NS) Review - Phil writes, "Bomberman has been in hibernation for quite some time. I took for granted how much I enjoyed the series when it was common for games starring old Bomby to release seemingly every other month.... [ View ]

Quantum Break dropped to below $20 and ReCore to under $15 on Amazon Prime - Amazon has discounted two console exclusives for the Xbox One with Quantum Break dropping to $19.99 and ReCore to $14.99.... [ View ]

Elven Legend 4: The Incredible Journey - Aerin helps the Tillian to save his world!... [ View ]

Mystery Case Files: The Black Veil Collector's Edition - Time moves quickly in Dreadmond…... [ View ]

Viking Brothers 2 - Embark on a humor-filled adventure!... [ View ]

Maggie's Movies: Camera, Action! Collector's Edition - Help Maggie follow her dream!... [ View ]

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