Slovakia votes against e, US accuses Iran of Saudi envoy death plot and other Economy news

The economy news of 2011-10-12 on Tamugaia - Slovakia votes against expanded EFSF, and US accuses Iran of Saudi envoy death plot.
Slovakia votes against expanded EFSF - Plans to expand the powers of the eurozone’s bail-out fund were thrown into disarray on Tuesday when Slovakia’s parliament voted against the move... [ View ]

US accuses Iran of Saudi envoy death plot - Two charged with conspiracy to kill a foreign official and use a weapon of mass destruction against the Saudi and Israeli embassies in Washington... [ View ]

Israel-Hamas agree prisoner swap - Israel’s cabinet has agreed a prisoner exchange deal with the Islamist group Hamas that would see the release of Sergeant Gilad Shalit... [ View ]

US power plants vulnerable to cyberattack - The economic damage in the US from cyberattacks on its infrastructure could prove crippling, experts have warned... [ View ]

Arab awakening depends on managing tensions - There will be no shortage of attempts to manipulate differences, and to fan fears that democratic upheaval will uncover the hard-wiring of sectarianism... [ View ]

BOE’s Dale - ... [ View ]

Aussie firmer in recent trade - So far tonight we have seen the USD sold against all of the major currencies. In the case of the AUD/USD we may be seeing some correction after the Aussie sold lower earlier tonight following a poor Westpa... [ View ]

Merkel says “I am certain that by the EU summit on Oct 23, we’ll have full approval of the EFSF”. - ... [ View ]

German wholesale price index (Sept) 0.3% vs. 0.1% prior. - ... [ View ]

French CPI (m/m) -0.1%; worse than the 0.3% survey and 0.5% prior reading. - ... [ View ]

Tax-News.com: New UK Tax Crackdown Targets Tutors - ... [ View ]

Tax-News.com: Germany To Lower Plane Ticket Tax - ... [ View ]

Tax-News.com: China Extends Resource Tax Nationwide - ... [ View ]

Slovakia Puts EU On Hold - The euro, trapped in sideways trading, produced modest gains against most of its major counterparts. The single currency’s reaction to the Slovak rejection of the Eurozone rescue fund expansion was minor... [ View ]

Europe’s banks face 9% capital rule - European authorities plan to give region’s lenders six to nine months to achive core tier one ratio of 9% or face government recapitalisations... [ View ]

Greeks pay for crisis with health and wealth - Property tax and  job losses have brought golden age to an end for the middle class, which is bracing for a sharp decrease in living standards... [ View ]

US currency bill passes Senate vote - Beijing warns law aimed at punishing the country for holding down its currency could plunge the global economy into a 1930s-like depression... [ View ]

Beijing and Moscow to put $1bn each in fund - Wen Jiabao and Vladimir Putin sign an agreement for a new Sino-Russian fund that will invest in agriculture, consumer products and green energy... [ View ]

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