Skirmisher Publishing Ma, The Walking Dead: All Out War Wave 4 Available Now and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2018-03-06 on Tamugaia - Skirmisher Publishing March Mayhem Bundle Now Available, and The Walking Dead: All Out War Wave 4 Available Now.
Skirmisher Publishing March Mayhem Bundle Now Available - March really is coming in like a lion in the gaming industry. At least, Skirmisher Publishing is holding nothing back. They’ve put together a group of their supplements and are offering them as a sin... [ View ]

The Walking Dead: All Out War Wave 4 Available Now - The Walking Dead is one of the most popular zombie shows and comics out there. Mantic brings that shambling action to your tabletops in The Walking Dead: All Out War. And much like the show and comic have... [ View ]

Hack the Planet Sci-Fi RPG Up On Kickstarter - Weather’s kinda nuts these days, isn’t it? Here in Georgia, we were having 70-degree days in February. It’s corrected itself a bit now, but it’s still a bit warmer than it historica... [ View ]

Darwin’s Choice Card Game Coming to Kickstarter Soon - Nature is full of strange and wondrous creatures. I mean, if you’d never seen many of these creatures before, you’d have a hard time accepting that they were real. I mean, the giraffe, the blue... [ View ]

Wild Rumour – Grand Theft Auto VI is set across two Americas - ... [ View ]

Agents of SHIELD producers treating season 5 finale as if it could be the series end - ... [ View ]

Way to the Woods is like The Last of Us with less guns and more animals - ... [ View ]

WWE RAW Results March 05 – Strowman’s symphony of destruction - ... [ View ]

Shadowplay: The Forsaken Island - This is no ordinary rescue mission!... [ View ]

Secrets of Magic 3: Happy Halloween - A spooky Halloween adventure... [ View ]

My Pretty Kitty - A wonderful blend of match 3 and Tamagochi!... [ View ]

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