Singapore Hot Stocks-Hi-, Indonesia Hot Stocks-Semen Gresik rises on strong Sept sales and other Economy news

The economy news of 2011-10-24 on Tamugaia - Singapore Hot Stocks-Hi-P falls after firm forecasts profit fall, and Indonesia Hot Stocks-Semen Gresik rises on strong Sept sales.
Singapore Hot Stocks-Hi-P falls after firm forecasts profit fall - ... [ View ]

Indonesia Hot Stocks-Semen Gresik rises on strong Sept sales - ... [ View ]

UPDATE 1-Abbott says hepatitis C combo may be a blockbuster - ... [ View ]

US earnings tell story of resilience - The message from big US companies reporting third-quarter earnings this week has been remarkably upbeat, but there are plenty of more ominous signs... [ View ]

US state budget gaps - As the US government faces its own funding crisis and politicians wrangle over stimulus funding and the federal budget, each government of the 50 states is grappling with the effects of the recession on th... [ View ]

Pressure on Italy in eurozone struggle - Germany and France have turned on Italy to demand further action to boost growth and reduce its huge debt... [ View ]

Banks must find €108bn in new capital - Europe’s big banks will be forced to find €108bn of fresh capital over the next six to nine months under a deal to strengthen the banking system... [ View ]

Leaders look to IMF to beef up rescue fund - The special-purpose vehicle and the new loss-guarantee scheme would give eurozone leaders more than €1,000bn to fight contagion... [ View ]

Shares off to strong start on Europe hopes - Banks and commodity stocks lead gainers after European leaders said they were making progress on the region’s debt crisis... [ View ]

China braced for wind turbine slowdown - World’s biggest market expects a sharp reduction in installations this year, a move that will spark a ‘bloodbath’ among producers... [ View ]

Tunisia votes in Arab spring’s first poll - Long queues formed outside polling stations with the moderate Islamist party Nahda expected to get the largest share of the vote... [ View ]

Powerful earthquake rocks eastern Turkey - A 7.2 magnitude earthquake strikes in eastern Turkey killing more than 100 people with fears the death toll could be as high as 1,000... [ View ]

Libyans awake from a ludicrous nightmare - Cunning and ruthless, Gaddafi held on to power for 42 years, but beyond that and despite all his buffoonery, in the end he achieved nothing... [ View ]

Fed Reserve exec urges further economic stimulation - The US Federal Reserve has been looking at ways to stimulate the economy further.... [ View ]

Same sex marriages bring economic windfall to New York - With same-sex marriage now legalised in New York, thousands of gay couples have been lining up to exchange vows.... [ View ]

News Corp shareholders reject Murdoch ouster - News Corp shareholders have rejected a proposal to elect an independent chairman.... [ View ]

French bank regulator says losses on Greece may be higher - The French stock market regulator has advised local banks they may need to take a larger loss on their exposure to Greek government bonds.... [ View ]

Adobe fixes web-cam anomaly - Adobe has been forced to fix a Flash privacy panel to prevent hackers from opening live cameras.... [ View ]

Asia Markets: Asia rallies on Europe bailout hopes, China data - ... [ View ]

Economic Report: China ‘flash’ PMI survey signals expansion - ... [ View ]

Portfolio Insights by Brett Arends: The real bear market - ... [ View ]

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