Sharp Storm, Bermuda Diver and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2012-05-19 on Tamugaia - Sharp Storm, and Bermuda Diver.
Sharp Storm - In the action game Sharp Storm you are Sgt. Bauer A. V. You are combat unit of 879 Assault battalion. Use your skills to destroy the base core of the evil corporation that tries to dominate the world.... [ View ]

Bermuda Diver - In the point and click puzzle game Bermuda Diver your goal is to guide the diver to safe grounds solving the puzzles in each stage. collect and combine items to succeed.... [ View ]

Need to Feed - In the skill game Need To Feed your goal is to get the cak sliced as small as you can avoiding the monster that tries to bug you.... [ View ]

Offspring Fling - In the platform adventure game Offspring Fling your goal is to pick up the small creatures and bring them to the exit of each level safe.... [ View ]

EA exec: Users spend more time playing games on iPhone than talking - NEW ORLEANS – An EA executive at the International CTIA Wireless 2012 conference said that games are a big business and getting even bigger on mobile.... [ View ]

Only $1,240 for Resident Evil 6 Platinum Edition, What the Hell - How much do you love the Resident Evil series? Do you love it enough to spend $1,240 on it, so you’ll be able to look like the Leon in Resident Evil 6? Then you, my rich friend, will be very intereste... [ View ]

Mad Riders Heading Your Way In May - I was a fan of Nail’d, and if you were too, then you should mark your calendars for the arrival of Mad Riders on XBLA, PC, and PSN this month. The game comes out May 30, and will cost $9.99 or 800 Mi... [ View ]

Deep Silver Mulling Over Dead Island 2 Plans - Publisher Deep Silver is considering its options for the next Dead Island game and will make an announcement in due course. A rumor surfaced earlier this week on IGN Germany that stated Deep Silver has si... [ View ]

Something’s Up With Brothers In Arms: Furious 4 - Ubisoft and developer Gearbox Software have been all too quiet about Brothers In Arms: Furious 4. The game was due out in 2012, but we’ve seen nothing since it was announced at E3 last year. It wa... [ View ]

Shadomania - ... [ View ]

Island Defense - ... [ View ]

Marie Antoinette and the Disciples of Loki - ... [ View ]

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