Shadow Encounters, Out Of The Ordinary Vacation and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2017-01-12 on Tamugaia - Shadow Encounters, and Out Of The Ordinary Vacation.
Shadow Encounters - ... [ View ]

Out Of The Ordinary Vacation - ... [ View ]

Voices In The Factory - ... [ View ]

The Boy In My Room - I once lived in an older house, approx 100 years old, that had been made into 2 apartments. I lived in the upper 2 floors. The 2nd floor was the main living area with a living room, a large kitchen, 1 full... [ View ]

Table Tipping - Over the last 15 years one of the fire halls I performed maintenance on had garnered a reputation as being haunted. There were strange swirling globes of light, odd sounds, smells of cooking, and even an e... [ View ]

Chilean Navy Release Stunning UFO Footage - ... [ View ]

Gralien Report Daily News for January 11, 2017 - ... [ View ]


Prepare for the Squirrelpocalypse - There’s a growing danger in the world more volatile than car jackers, the flesh-eating virus and Donald Trump’s hair. It’s squirrels. These bushy-tailed little clowns may appear innocuous, scurrying... [ View ]

The Mysterious Vanishing of Ambrose Bierce - Some mysterious vanishings manage to strike a perfect balance between the weird, the unexplained, and the victim’s life in general. In some cases these disappearances seem almost fitting, as if they... [ View ]

Tabby’s Star May Be Dimming Because It’s Digesting a Planet - It’s time for another edition of “Why is Tabby Dimming Now?” Tabby is the mysteriously dimming star known to astronomers and sticklers for detail as KIC 8462852 and nicknamed Tabby for its discoverer... [ View ]

Another Unseen Asteroid Passed Between the Earth and Moon - The terrifying asteroid news shows no signs of stopping. Throughout 2016, several asteroids passed dangerously close to Earth, prompting NASA and FEMA to develop joint asteroid “war game” simulations i... [ View ]

Tequila Helps Save a Bat Species From Extinction - Do you need another reason to drink tequila? Grab your lime and salt, down a shot of bat-friendly tequila and pat yourself on the back for helping to save an endangered species of bats from extinction. Wai... [ View ]

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