Shades Of White, Are These Signs Of A Spirit Trying To Communicate? and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2018-03-13 on Tamugaia - Shades Of White, and Are These Signs Of A Spirit Trying To Communicate?.
Shades Of White - ... [ View ]

Are These Signs Of A Spirit Trying To Communicate? - ... [ View ]

Vatican Ghost - ... [ View ]

Christmas In Siberia - ... [ View ]

From Work To Home - A couple months ago I posted a story about a possible haunting at my workplace called "Rural Workplace Haunting". And ever since then I have begun to notice some strange activity at home as well. One Satur... [ View ]

Newly-released DoD video purportedly shows Navy pilot’s encounter with UFO - ABC News A newly-released video which shows U.S. Navy pilots encountering an unidentified flying object (UFO) in 2015 has garnered calls for more research into what these mysterious objects could be. ̶... [ View ]

New Jersey: 40 Pedophiles and Child Porn ‘Kingpin’ Taken Down - The Goldwater A monumental victory for law enforcement to report coming out of Ocean City, New Jersey where a global pedophilia-enabling child pornographer has been apprehended by authorities and will now... [ View ]

Two 3-11-18 Videos that discuss the Latest Q Posts, from You Are Free TV and SGTReport… - Kauilapele’s Blog These are two that are quite short, compared to the Jerome Corsi video I will post after. YouAreFreeTV brings some fascinating points about the Angela Merkel / Hitler connection... [ View ]

Brain implants are happening — are you ready for yours? - Creepy… The Next Web Brain implants or other types of neural links, such as Brain Computer Interfaces (BCIs) between the brain, the internet, and the cloud, are quickly entering the realm of science... [ View ]

Fake News Storm Clouds Gather Over Southeast Asia - NEO From Cambodia to Thailand American and European media companies have launched a campaign of disinformation aimed at reversing Washington’s waning influence in the region vis-à-vis not only Beijing,... [ View ]

Solar Storm on March 18 Could Cause Headaches and Disrupt Sleep Around the World - According to Russian scientists, the sun is about to hit us in the head. A solar weather forecast from the Russian Academy of Sciences says that, on March 18, the sun will spit a solar flare in our directi... [ View ]

New Documents Reveal Canadian Government’s Knowledge of UFOs - Given all of the declassified files and recordings of unexplained aerial phenomena being made public in the United States, it’s no surprise that other countries including America’s closest neighbors wo... [ View ]

Lower Michigan May Be Target of Falling Chinese Space Station - The Lower Peninsula of the state of Michigan is often referred to as “the mitten” because its shape resembles winter hand coverings or perhaps the leather gloves that baseball players wear. That shape... [ View ]

The Dyatlov Pass Incident: Myths, Realities, and New Ideas on an Old Mystery - The Dyatlov Pass incident of 1959 remains one of the most unsettling mysteries of the last century. The story is well known, involving a group of hikers from the Ural Polytechnical Institute led by 23-yea... [ View ]

A Mysterious Disease is Killing Dentists - Shakespeare wrote about killing all of the lawyers and left the elimination of the dentists to someone else. That someone … or something … has arrived. Dentists and dental technicians in Virginia are s... [ View ]

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