Sectarian riots spread i, Alexei Navalny Denounces Moscow Vote Count and other World news

The world news of 2013-09-09 on Tamugaia - Sectarian riots spread in India, 28 killed, and Alexei Navalny Denounces Moscow Vote Count.
Sectarian riots spread in India, 28 killed - Sectarian violence has spread into new areas of northern India despite an army-enforced curfew put in place after deadly weekend clashes broke out between Hindus and Muslims.... [ View ]

Alexei Navalny Denounces Moscow Vote Count - The activist and mayoral hopeful claims results showing his rival with 50% of the votes are "clear falsifications".... [ View ]

President Faces an Uphill Battle on Syria Vote - Page & Kelly, USA Today... [ View ]

Obama's Successful Foreign Failure - Norman Podhoretz, Wall St. Journal... [ View ]

Our Credibility Is Not at Stake in Syria - Anna Simons, National InterestLetÂ’s be clear. U.S. credibility is not at stake in Syria. The PresidentÂ’s credibility is at stake. The two are not one and the same. Or, if they are, w... [ View ]

Republicans and the Wonk Gap - Paul Krugman, New York Times... [ View ]

Man dies in fall at Candlestick Park during 49ers game - ... [ View ]

Saudi Arabia stands behind U.S.-led Syria strike - ... [ View ]

"Overwhelming disapproval" in public for Syria strike - ... [ View ]

Rove: "Amateur hour" at the White House on Syria - ... [ View ]

Full Episode: World News 9/6: Obama Strike on Syria Still a Tough Sell Abroad at the G20 and at Home - Also, Dr. Besser with information about arsenic levels in rice commonly found in kitchens.... [ View ]

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