Secret resistance fights, Deadly passage: No life jacket, no safety and other World news

The world news of 2016-08-27 on Tamugaia - Secret resistance fights ISIS with graffiti, and Deadly passage: No life jacket, no safety.
Secret resistance fights ISIS with graffiti - ... [ View ]

Deadly passage: No life jacket, no safety - ... [ View ]

Animal Rights Activist On Trial In Canada For Giving Water To Pigs - Anita Krajnc is facing charges of criminal mischief because she gave water to pigs bound for the slaughterhouse. If convicted, she could be sentenced to six months in jail or a $5,000 fine.... [ View ]

Before Migrants Reach U.S., Mexico Deports Central Americans - The idea of a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border has dominated the U.S. presidential election. But efforts in Mexico barring Central Americans from traveling north might doing the job of a wall.... [ View ]

After 4-Year Siege, Rebels And Families Evacuate Darayya, Syria - After years of opposition to the Syrian regime and a brutal siege, fighters and civilians are allowed to leave a town near Damascus — in essence to surrender.... [ View ]

Filipinos Seen Backing Duterte Despite Rising Drug Killings - Since Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte unleashed a massive anti-drug crackdown after taking office barely two months ago, nearly 2,000 suspected drug pushers and users have been killed... [ View ]

Despite Progress, US-Russia Fall Short on Truce for Syria - The United States and Russia say they have resolved a number of issues standing in the way of restoring a nationwide truce to Syria and opening up aid deliveries... [ View ]

Aftershocks Rattle Italy as National Mourning Begins - Residents of an area struck by a destructive earthquake were rattled yet again by a series of aftershocks overnight, the strongest measuring 4.2, as Italians began observing a day of national mourning... [ View ]

Bangladesh Police Kill 3, Including Suspect in Dhaka Attack - Bangladesh police have killed 3 suspected militants, including an alleged mastermind of a major terror attack last month in which 20 people were killed... [ View ]

Benefits cheat caught working out at gym must pay back £20,000 - A benefits cheat caught working out in a gym while illegally pocketing disability living allowance has been ordered to repay more than £20,000.... [ View ]

Syria ceasefire solution near: US, Russia - 1:08 PM... [ View ]

Clinton leads Trump by 5 points in polls - 12:26 PM... [ View ]

No Clinton calendar release before US vote - 11:47 AM... [ View ]

French court suspends burkini ban - 3:08 AM... [ View ]

First evacuees leave besieged Damascus - 26 Aug 2016... [ View ]

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