Scientists beam light ar, New Bigfoot footage filmed in Minnesota and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2011-08-16 on Tamugaia - Scientists beam light around corners, and New Bigfoot footage filmed in Minnesota.
Scientists beam light around corners - A team of scientists have successfully bent light beams around objects on a two dimensional surface. Its the first ever demonstration of what is known...... [ View ]

New Bigfoot footage filmed in Minnesota - A new video has surfaced showing what is being claimed to be a Bigfoot in the Minnesota woods. A farmer and his wife had been walking in the woods whe...... [ View ]

Video: Auburn-Haired Minnesota Bigfoot - ... [ View ]

"On the Difficulty of Determining the Intentions & Origins of UFOs" By Fr. Peter D. Hun - ... [ View ]

The UFO Triangle Brettnach in Moselle - ... [ View ]

Corn Circle Creators - Studying Lancashire Fields - ... [ View ]

Beware And Be Careful Of Alien Contact - ... [ View ]

Workplace Experience - I work at a rehab center which used to be a nursing home. It still feels like a nursing home though since most of our patients are elderly. I have been here for only 4 months and in that 4 months I have mu... [ View ]

The Red Eyed Daddy And Other Weird Things - ... [ View ]

My Erotic Dreams - ... [ View ]

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