SFPA launching on Steam , Super Fancy Pants Update #1 and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2017-09-27 on Tamugaia - SFPA launching on Steam Sept 20th Mac / PC – $9.99, and Super Fancy Pants Update #1.
SFPA launching on Steam Sept 20th Mac / PC – $9.99 - Or go comment / like on the YouTube page, it helps! The anticipation is driving me nuts, I’m going to scrub through a few more animations to calm my nerves. This has been such a long crazy journey, I... [ View ]

Super Fancy Pants Update #1 - First off, WE DID IT! After 3 years of development, Super Fancy Pants Adventure has launched on Steam! Let’s Plays and reviews have so far been overwhelmingly positive. Hearing about how nostalgic pl... [ View ]

Waiting… - Oh hey, new trailer up on Steam, release date should be announced tomorrow! Check it out Spot the new Fountain Pen Abilites! —- Still fixing up bugs here and there, but at this point there’s mo... [ View ]

Defense Of The Base - ... [ View ]

Eon Fleet - ... [ View ]

Survival Mission - ... [ View ]

Looking for 3D Modeler/Animator - ... [ View ]

A certain navigation mesh library usage problem - ... [ View ]

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