Russian Scientists Warn , Comet With Glowing Green Atmosphere Twice the Size of Jupiter May be Visible to the Naked Eye and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2018-07-09 on Tamugaia - Russian Scientists Warn of Mutant Bacteria From Space, and Comet With Glowing Green Atmosphere Twice the Size of Jupiter May be Visible to the Naked Eye.
Russian Scientists Warn of Mutant Bacteria From Space - “The mutated bacteria showed high aggressiveness and resistance to antibiotics on their return to Earth.” So, you may ask … why on Earth did Russian scientists bring these mutant bacteria back to... [ View ]

Comet With Glowing Green Atmosphere Twice the Size of Jupiter May be Visible to the Naked Eye - Get ready for another round of doomsday predictions. A comet en-route to our solar system has dramatically increased in brightness and carries with it a giant, glowing green atmosphere twice the size of Ju... [ View ]

Spiders Can Fly Through the Air by Riding on Electrical Currents - Arachnophobia is consistently ranked as one of the most common specific phobias, or fears. And with good reason: as humans evolved, we had to learn to be afraid of all of the little creepy crawlies lurking... [ View ]

Are you experiencing grief? This Hug’s For You – July 2018 [VIDEO] - Galactic Connection Published on Jul 7, 2018 SUBSCRIBED 21K Alexandra talks about why so many people are grieving, and explains why she was called to create a new formula called “This Hug’s Fo... [ View ]

Is Our Universe a Vast Virtual Reality? Suma Gowda with Tom Campbell [VIDEO] - Tom Campbell Published on Jul 7, 2018 SUBSCRIBED 37K Thomas Campbell is a physicist and author of the My Big T.O.E. (Theory of Everything) trilogy. For the past forty years, Tom has been focused on scient... [ View ]

Multiple M6.0 earthquakes strike in 1 days time — Seismic unrest [VIDEO] - dutchsinse Published on Jul 7, 2018 SUBSCRIBED 267K Professionals now adopting “GLOBAL EARTHQUAKE FORECASTING MODELS” which have been proved correct: http://temblor.net/earthquake-insight̷... [ View ]

Fragment of impacting asteroid recovered in Botswana - Phys.org On Saturday, June 23, 2018, a team of experts from Botswana, South Africa, Finland and the United States of America recovered a fresh meteorite in Botswana’s Central Kalahari Game Reserve (C... [ View ]

Animals accorded same rights as humans in Indian state - The Telegraph An Indian court has ruled that all animals should enjoy the same rights as human beings, saying “they have distinct personas with corresponding rights, duties and liabilities of a living p... [ View ]

I visited the Roswell Incident Crash Site this weekend. Here’s the pictures I took. - ... [ View ]

assuming Nibiru exists, does anyone have any sources on what the condition of their atmosphere might be like today? - ... [ View ]

Thoughts on Dr. Salla - ... [ View ]

'Time warp' discovered outside Las Vegas, paranormal investigator claims - ... [ View ]

Would you guys believe me if I said ayy lmaos run this subreddit? - ... [ View ]

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