Rural Tunisians Hope Rev, Guantanamo detainee gets life and other World news

The world news of 2011-01-26 on Tamugaia - Rural Tunisians Hope Revolt Brings Jobs, Opportunity, and Guantanamo detainee gets life.
Rural Tunisians Hope Revolt Brings Jobs, Opportunity - At a dingy, no-name cafe on the outskirts of Sidi Bouzid, the biggest challenge for rural Tunisia is on full display. On a sunny weekday afternoon, dozens of young men sit around playing cards, sipping... [ View ]

Guantanamo detainee gets life - The first Guantanamo detainee to be tried in a civilian court has been sentenced to life in prison.... [ View ]

Anti-Government Protests Erupt Across Egypt - Opposition supporters in Egypt, inspired by the revolution in Tunisia, marched through the streets of Cairo and other cities on Tuesday. Security forces are monitoring the marches, and the government has w... [ View ]

Criticism, Finger-Pointing After Russia Airport Attack - President Dmitry Medvedev described security at Domodedovo Airport as being in "a state of anarchy," lashing out at airport management a day after the bombing that killed at least 35 people. The use of met... [ View ]

State of the Union Preview: A 2012 Kickoff - Michael Crowley, Time... [ View ]

The Inherent Flaw in Obamanomics - Charles Gasparino, New York Post... [ View ]

Obama's Rising, But Budget War Lies Ahead - Michael Tomasky, GuardianTurn autoplay offTurn autoplay onPlease activate cookies in order to turn autoplay offThe successful lame duck session and improving economy have helped the president, but we&apos... [ View ]

Investing in America's Future - Robert Reich, Huffington PostWord has it that the president will be emphasizing "improving American competitiveness" in his State of the Union Address Tuesday night. As I've noted, the term... [ View ]

2 Years of Intrusive Initiatives Are Not Working - Rep. Kevin Brady, IBD... [ View ]

Anger In Lebanon As Hezbollah Backs Sunni PM - In a fundamental shift in power, Shia militant organisation Hezbollah has gained control of the Lebanese government.... [ View ]

Petraeus offers optimistic assessment of war in Afghanistan - ... [ View ]

Wealthy Indians revive ancient fire ritual - ... [ View ]

Lebanese Sunnis stage angry protests as Hezbollah-backed candidate is appointed PM - ... [ View ]

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