Runes of Magic Diamond C, GamersFirst G1 Credits – Highly Popular Game Cards and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2011-12-04 on Tamugaia - Runes of Magic Diamond Card, and GamersFirst G1 Credits – Highly Popular Game Cards.
Runes of Magic Diamond Card - ‘Runes of Magic’ is an online game where characters are controlled by the thousands of players where they struggle with monsters to complete quests. A housing system is featured in the game where each... [ View ]

GamersFirst G1 Credits – Highly Popular Game Cards - K2 network is the creator of GamersFirst G1 Credits, a popular gaming card for ardent gaming fans all over the world. G1 Credits is the universal currency that you can use to purchase items in the GamersFi... [ View ]

New PS3 Exclusive: The Last of Us - ... [ View ]

Jonah Hill Takes Credit for Modern Warfare 3 Success - ... [ View ]

IGN Community Round Up: Zelda Proposal and A Special Giveaway - ... [ View ]

Heavy Rain: By the Numbers - ... [ View ]

TVG Comp: Win £200-Worth Of Gaming Accessories News - Two lucky winners will receive some Gunnar gaming specs and a Turtle Beach headset...... [ View ]

Article: YARS 2011 awards: Biggest surprise of the year (Articles) - ... [ View ]

News: Battlefield 3: Karkand DLC Coming Soon (sooner if you have PS3 version...). (360, PC, PS3) - ... [ View ]

News: THERON, a gaming mouse that lets you play like a pro! (PC) - ... [ View ]

AntiMatter-Games Announces Holiday bundles for ShadowSea - AntiMatter-Games has special bundle deals for books, miniatures and terrain for the month of December: From their announcement: First is the Large Temple bundle for $249.99 USD, which includes the Large Te... [ View ]

Warlord Games Releases Plastic Married Zulus and Special Offers - Warlord Games releases Plastic Married Zulus and announces special offers: From their announcement: The second plastic set for our Anglo-Zulu War range are these superb Married warriors. Lending their mart... [ View ]

Hind Commander Promo Action - Assault Publishing posts details for a special Hind Commander offer: From their announcement: Are you worried if you can carry all gifts which Santa brings to you? You problem is gone with new Hind Command... [ View ]

Brueckenkopf Online Posts a Review - Brueckenkopf Online posts a review of Mantic Games’ Warpath Marauders: From their announcement: For the 3rd day of Christmas, Brueckenkopf Online reviews the new Marauders from Warpath.... [ View ]

A.D.Publishing Releases Victory Decision: WW II – British Technical Manual - A.D.Publishing announces the 3rd Technical Manual supplement for their “Victory Decision: World War II” miniatures game is out: From their announcement: A copy of the Victory Decision: World War II rul... [ View ]

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