Review Update: Update fo, Review Update: Patch for Persona 4 Arena on Xbox 360 and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2012-11-04 on Tamugaia - Review Update: Update for League of Legends on PC, and Review Update: Patch for Persona 4 Arena on Xbox 360.
Review Update: Update for League of Legends on PC - ... [ View ]

Review Update: Patch for Persona 4 Arena on Xbox 360 - ... [ View ]

Review Update: Patch for Pirates of Black Cove on PC - ... [ View ]

Review Update: Patch for NASCAR 2011: The Game on PlayStation 3 - ... [ View ]

Review Update: DLC for NASCAR 2011: The Game on Xbox 360 - ... [ View ]

Assassins Creed 3 – Unlocking Mementos Guide - In this guide we talk about Mementos and what they really do as well as how to unlock all Mementos in AC3.  In Assassins Creed 3 you have a Manor, later on in the game during the Homestead missions and al... [ View ]

Rambo The Video Game Screenshots - Developer Teyon has released some screenshots for Rambo The Video Game, which is currently in development. The game, a first-person shooter, puts players in the boots of John Rambo and is based off the fir... [ View ]

Lord of the Rings Online: Riders of Rohan Now on Mac - Developer Turbine has announced that Lord of the Rings Online: Riders of Rohan, is now available for the Mac. “We are really excited to open up the world of Middle-earth to Mac,” Kate Paiz, Exe... [ View ]

Disappointed NYC marathoners to run in aid of Sandy victims - Hundreds of runners in New York City are refusing to let a canceled marathon spoil their Sunday plans and are channeling months of preparation into informal runs intended to benefit victims of superstorm S... [ View ]

Mayan Prophecies: Ship of Spirits - ... [ View ]

Cursed House 2 - ... [ View ]

Ashes of Immortality - ... [ View ]

Pid review - Pid tells the story of Kurt, a small boy who must make his way back home after he gets separated from his classmates and ends up on an unknown planet.... [ View ]

Weekend Spent: Nov. 3-4 - How are you spending the weekend? - David: Once again, my weekend is going to be consumed by the meta-game of emotional wrangling that I’ve discovered is unlocked when you link up XCOM:... [ View ]

The Top 7... Creepiest gaming urban legends - We celebrate Halloween by creeping you out... [ View ]

RadioRadar Podcast Episode 012: Time to Assassinate Medal of Honor - This week we go over some of the biggest reviews of the week and talk about the gaming urban legends that creeped us out the most. Seriously, this is a... [ View ]

Montage - Puzzles Games, Play Free Montage Online Now - Montage is intelligent puzzle game and your objective is drop the pieces and combines with same color pieces and if any color overlapped by a adjacent color then the same color is removed. Have Fun!!!!... [ View ]

Online Gaming Company 1Vice.ag Names Industry Veteran Robert Evans as its Chief Marketing Officer - company making big strides to solidify its client base and expand market share.... [ View ]

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