Registering a C++ object, The Secret Order: Shadow Breach and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2018-06-26 on Tamugaia - Registering a C++ object constructor From a global variadic template function, and The Secret Order: Shadow Breach.
Registering a C++ object constructor From a global variadic template function - ... [ View ]

The Secret Order: Shadow Breach - One book holds our destruction...... [ View ]

Tower Defense Challenge - Part 4 - Gfx Rock Creature Concept Redo - ... [ View ]

Behavior Tree - Follow, Search And Retreat - ... [ View ]

To Upnp or not - ... [ View ]

PIX 1806.20 - GPU Occupancy for AMD GPUs - ... [ View ]

Creating The Interrogation Scene In Detroit: Become Human - The man behind Connor, Bryan Dechart, and director David Cage revisit the interrogation scene, a pivotal moment in Detroit: Become Human.... [ View ]

Critically acclaimed RPG NieR:Automata finally releases on Xbox One - Richard writes: "Its one of those games the PS4 clique have been banging on about since it released, but finally Xbox owners can get their hands on Nier:Automata, which comes bundled with plenty of DLC in... [ View ]

The Surge 2 Carves Its Own Action-RPG Niche With An Improved Dynamic Combat System | The Koalition - ... [ View ]

The Council Ep. 1-2 Review - A Collection of Promises - GameSoulz - Big Bad Wolf´s The Council tries what Telltale Games fail at since years: An episodic adventure actually defined by player decisions, full of powdered wigs.... [ View ]

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