Rebel Minis Releases Qwi, New Releases Available For Avatars of War and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2018-05-23 on Tamugaia - Rebel Minis Releases Qwik: A Game of the Wastelands, and New Releases Available For Avatars of War.
Rebel Minis Releases Qwik: A Game of the Wastelands - Rebel Minis is pleased to announce that they’ve released Qwik: A Game of the Wastelands. It’s a new fantasy sports game set in a post-apocalyptic world. Hey, when not running away from nuclear... [ View ]

New Releases Available For Avatars of War - It might be called the Empire of Men, but there’s some kick-ass women lining up on the battlefield, too. This month’s releases from Avatars of War include the Warrior Priestess and Sunna of Son... [ View ]

Initiative Magazine issue 11 Out Now - When you want to fill your day with gaming, a gaming magazine is a perfect way to do so. In this instance, we have the 11th issue of Initiative Magazine. It’s loaded with articles on such items as Ga... [ View ]

Battlefront Posts UK Open Day Info, Previews Exclusive Mini - Battlefront’s UK Open Day is coming up next month. It’s a chance to go out and hang out with the game designers, ask them questions, learn all about what they’ve got planned for their dif... [ View ]

Fornite Battle Royale – Where to find jetpacks, how they work and what they can do - ... [ View ]

We’re getting a Garbage Pail Kids game in…2018 - ... [ View ]

WWE Smackdown LIVE Results May 22 – Charismatic Enigma vs Underdog - ... [ View ]

Catwoman is getting a brand new costume for her solo series - ... [ View ]

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