Rats on a plane force Ai, Cambodia tribunal convicts Khmer Rouge leaders and other Internet news

The internet news of 2014-08-07 on Tamugaia - Rats on a plane force Air India to ground aircraft, and Cambodia tribunal convicts Khmer Rouge leaders.
Rats on a plane force Air India to ground aircraft - NEW DELHI — Air India has been forced to ground one of its planes after crew spotted rats scurrying around the cabin, The Times of India reported on Tuesday. The plane was on its way from New Delhi t... [ View ]

Cambodia tribunal convicts Khmer Rouge leaders - Phnom Penh, Cambodia (AP) – Three and a half decades after the genocidal rule of Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge ended, a U.N.-backed tribunal on Thursday sentenced two top leaders of the former regime... [ View ]

Trapped commuter freed after Australians tilt train - Dozens of Australians tilted a train Wednesday to free a commuter whose leg was trapped between a carriage and a platform, with authorities praising their efforts as an example of “people power”... [ View ]

Australians mourn victims of downed Malaysian jet - Canberra, Australia (AP) – Australia’s prime minister said Thursday that those responsible for shooting down the Malaysian airliner over Ukraine will face justice, as his nation marked a day of... [ View ]

Drilon: P967B allotted for social services - Senate President Franklin Drilon on Thursday said that nearly P1-trillion from the proposed P2.606-trillion 2015 national budget would be utilized for the improvement of social protection and services in t... [ View ]

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