Questions about destruct, Sydney Meetup and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2017-07-20 on Tamugaia - Questions about destruction, and Sydney Meetup.
Questions about destruction - ... [ View ]

Sydney Meetup - ... [ View ]

3D artist looking to get into game design - ... [ View ]

[Patreon revshare] Looking for pixel artist for naughty 2D platformer (NSFW) - Hey guys,I launched a Patreon page 3 days ago (July 16th) for a mature 2D platformer and already reached over 90 patrons! I am super excited and would really love the help from an awesome pixel artist like... [ View ]

A New Demo & Trailer for Village Monsters! - ... [ View ]

Super Fancy Pants Adventures Coming to Steam! - Head over to the YouTube page and give us a like and a comment, help spread the word! Super Fancy Pants Adventure Steam Page Add SFPA to your wish list today!... [ View ]

Spire RPG Up On Kickstarter - While no, I don’t really go out into the sun too often, it doesn’t actually burn my skin. Such is not the case for the dark elves. They do what they can to avoid the light, staying in the twist... [ View ]

Ghost Ops RPG Up On Kickstarter - The military has all manner of special forces that they train for various missions. Navy Seals, Green Berets, Army Rangers. They are the elite of the elite. They go in where precision raids need to be done... [ View ]

The Shipwreck Arcana Coming to Kickstarter - Are humans set along a predetermined course that we must walk until the very end? Or can others enter our lives and alter our destiny? Well, in The Shipwreck Arcana, you and and the other players will be l... [ View ]

New Character Add-Ons Available for 1-48TACTIC - WWII saw many different new weapons and tactics used out on the battlefield. It’d be impossible to represent each and every single way a trooper was kitted out during the conflict… but that doe... [ View ]

Boo! Tyler Perry has made another Madea Halloween movie! - ... [ View ]

DOOM is opening up its premium multiplayer content to everyone - ... [ View ]

Self-published indie games have started showing up on Xbox One - ... [ View ]

Ghost Recon: Wildlands is 2017’s biggest sales hit (so far) - ... [ View ]

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