Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot, Mystery of missing girl at the Vatican deepens and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2019-07-12 on Tamugaia - Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot video gets makeover, and Mystery of missing girl at the Vatican deepens.
Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot video gets makeover - A 4K remaster of the infamous footage, which is alleged to show a live Bigfoot, has been posted online. Filmed in 1967 in Northern California, the Pat...... [ View ]

Mystery of missing girl at the Vatican deepens - Officials on the hunt for the remains of a missing girl in Rome have lifted the lid on an entirely new mystery. The disappearance in 1983 of 15-year-o...... [ View ]

Moon landing conspiracies continue to endure - The idea that the Moon landings were faked remains one of the most enduring of all conspiracy theories. Peter Knight - a professor of American Studies...... [ View ]

Woman swallowed coin, lost voice for 12 years - When Marie Heffernan unknowingly swallowed a coin as a teenager, her life took a sudden turn for the worse. Heffernan, who was only 13 at the time, wa...... [ View ]

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