PARANORMAL NEWS: New Nes, UFO Seen in Oslo Tragedy (About) and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2011-07-25 on Tamugaia - PARANORMAL NEWS: New Nessie Photo, Haunted School, Haunted Castle Film (About), and UFO Seen in Oslo Tragedy (About).
PARANORMAL NEWS: New Nessie Photo, Haunted School, Haunted Castle Film (About) - ... [ View ]

UFO Seen in Oslo Tragedy (About) - ... [ View ]

READER REPORT: Who answered the phone? (About) - ... [ View ]

Photograph of Volcano Captures UFO (About) - ... [ View ]

Grotto Ghost video (About) - ... [ View ]

Alien ET UFO Future Information by TJ - ... [ View ]

Multiple Objects Observed Over Chicago Skyway - ... [ View ]

The Alteration of Timelines - ... [ View ]

Cheyenne Base Missile Technicians Lost Communication With Weapons - ... [ View ]

Scientists catch glimpse of "God particle" - The Large Hadron Collider has picked up fluctuations that could be from the elusive Higgs Boson particle. Scientists have however been quick to stress...... [ View ]

Massive reservoir of water found in space - Two teams of astronomers have located an immense reservoir of water in the far reaches of the universe. The water is situated near a quasar over 30 bi...... [ View ]

Man gets stuck head-first down drain - A drunk man trying to retrieve his belongings from a storm drain ended up stuck head first inside it. Firefighters arrived on the scene soon afterward...... [ View ]

New Nessie photograph surfaces - William Jobes believes he may have captured Nessie on camera after attempting to do so for 45 years. The 62-year-old was at Fort Augustus when he noti...... [ View ]

Call to ban "Planet of the Apes" experiments - Scientists are demanding new rules to prevent experiments to give lab animals human-like attributes. The move is aimed at avoiding future experimentat...... [ View ]

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