PARA PSYCHOLOGY, Chemtrails Report Sparks Viewers’ Reactions – KPHO Phoenix and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2011-02-25 on Tamugaia - PARA PSYCHOLOGY, and Chemtrails Report Sparks Viewers’ Reactions – KPHO Phoenix.
PARA PSYCHOLOGY - ... [ View ]

Chemtrails Report Sparks Viewers’ Reactions – KPHO Phoenix - ... [ View ]

Q&A: How many people who regularly participate in the “space & astronomy” section …? - ... [ View ]

A Little Mexican Adventure Vacation - ... [ View ]

Neanderthals used feathers for decoration - Prehistoric bird remains found in a cave suggest their feathers would have been once used for decoration. In a Veronesi cave in Northern Italy archaeo...... [ View ]

Dark matter plays role in galaxy formation - Scientists discover that dark matter may play a leading role in the formation of galaxies. Not long ago dark matter was a concept few could understand...... [ View ]

New "thunder-thighs" dinosaur discovered - The fossil remains of a new long-necked sauropod dinosaur have been discovered in a quarry in Utah. Named Brontomerus mcintoshi or "thunder-thighs" th...... [ View ]

UFO Gerry Anderson Repro 16 x 12 Film Poster - Ufo on eBay: Related External Links Legislature salutes Bill Anderson | tennessean.com | Tune In Music … View a test film from abandoned Kavalier and Clay motion picture … Gerry`s Scr... [ View ]

Nation of Islam Convention to Include Talk of UFOs - UFO updates Related External Links Amending the Constitution and the 1787 Convention in Context … Gold Investment – Is It Sound To Include Gold In Your Investment … Yusuf Islam on 'My Peo... [ View ]

Strange shadows and structures Laplace A Crater on the Moon - By Christian Macé UFO Digest European Correspondent Strange shadows and structures Laplace A Crater on the Moon photographed by Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter   read more UFO and Paranormal News Re... [ View ]

The second light I saw the same night but a different location in the sky - This light was the second one I saw that night. This light was more closer and clearer than the other. There are smaller lights surrounding it with colors of blue and white.They are at a distance from the... [ View ]

Feb 25, Scary Ghost Videos - These are very scary ghost videos. Very eerie and sure to creep you out!... [ View ]

Feb 25, Scary Ghost Pictures - This video is full of scary ghost pictures. It is a collage of photos showing ghost faces, ghosts in shadows, etc.... [ View ]

Feb 25, Real Life Ghost Video - Scenes from the Covenanters Prison in Edinburgh, this are real life ghost video.... [ View ]

Feb 25, Funny Video Clips Ghost - Looking for funny video clips ghost? This one is hilarious!... [ View ]

Feb 25, Actual Ghost Video Clips - Actual Ghost Video Clips? In this eery video, it really looks as if a ghost is there. Is it real?... [ View ]

Ret. Col. Claims UFOs Are Real...Denies Cover-Up - ... [ View ]

Beauty In Monochrome - ... [ View ]

Psychological Operations Performed on U.S. Senators - ... [ View ]

BEST GHOST PICTURES: The Pink Lady of Greencastle - ... [ View ]

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