Our House Might Be Hount, My Grandson, Timothy and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2013-01-27 on Tamugaia - Our House Might Be Hounted, and My Grandson, Timothy.
Our House Might Be Hounted - In the following story I will share some of my experiences. Some 10 years ago my family bought a big unfinished house in a small village beside a lake. That summer we finished the house and in the spring w... [ View ]

My Grandson, Timothy - Several months ago, I submitted a story about events that occurred while my husband and I were remodeling our house. (Did we wake up Ghosts?) This story is related to that but concerns my grandson, Timothy... [ View ]

The Mania of Strange Sounds and Mysterious Booms - ... [ View ]

Is There a Place Called Other-Earth Composed of Dark Matter and Dark Plasma? (Part One) - ... [ View ]

Dirty Politics Second Edition, 2013 - ... [ View ]

Witness Unable to Understand Lost Missing Time - ... [ View ]

News: Haunted Station and Hotel, Oregon Bigfoot, Mystery Hum - ... [ View ]

300-Million-Year-Old Machine Part? - ... [ View ]

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