Optimizing Security: SSH, How to Install Joomla on WAMPP and other Internet news

The internet news of 2011-11-12 on Tamugaia - Optimizing Security: SSH Public Key Authentication, and How to Install Joomla on WAMPP.
Optimizing Security: SSH Public Key Authentication - The main benefit of SSH Public Key authentication is that your website will be protected against brute force attacks, and enjoy the benefits of encrypted communication. Brute force attacks are automated ra... [ View ]

How to Install Joomla on WAMPP - This tutorial will teach you, in a straightforward manner, how to install Xampp (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl) on a computer using a Windows operating system, and install Joomla on it to test and deve... [ View ]

Oracle Announces NoSQL Database Availability - Oracle has been busy the last few weeks, as it recently released its NoSQL Database that supposedly offers advantages over its competitors in terms of installation, configuration, management, and support.... [ View ]

Working with the File and Operating System with PHP - PHP as a language offers the programmer an excellent array of tools for handling file system input and output, as well as executing programs at the shell level. This article series will introduce you to th... [ View ]

Last lap for Italy austerity law - 11 November 2011 Last updated at 22:58 ET Mr Berlusconi has promised to resign after the vote is passed The lower house of Italy’s parliament is due to vote on a package of austerity measures demande... [ View ]

Chromebooks going over like lead balloons, fewer than 10k sold - It’s true that we’re spending more and more time on the web. That means we’re using our browsers a good portion of the time we’re on a computer. You’d think that would have made folks a little mo... [ View ]

Kindle Fire will launch with Hulu Plus support - We have known that the Kindle Fire would launch with a better app selection than the Nook Tablet. What we didn’t know was that all of the Nook’s advantages on the software front would be matched by Ama... [ View ]

Air Force seeks to be fly on the wall with new drones - Everyone has either heard or uttered the old cliche, “I wish I could have been a fly on the wall during that conversation.” The United States Air Force has taken that statement to heart, and has been w... [ View ]

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The Perfect Guide For Betting Online - ... [ View ]

Wedding Anniversary Gift Idea for Every Budget - ... [ View ]

Quick App Maker Studio L - Free IDE - ... [ View ]

Database Utility as an Entourage Repair Solution - ... [ View ]

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