On the front lines: Mosu, Witnesses: ISIS is forcing thousands into Mosul and other World news

The world news of 2016-10-30 on Tamugaia - On the front lines: Mosul in sight, and Witnesses: ISIS is forcing thousands into Mosul.
On the front lines: Mosul in sight - ... [ View ]

Witnesses: ISIS is forcing thousands into Mosul - ... [ View ]

ISIS carries out mass killings near Mosul - ... [ View ]

Inside Mosul: Tunnels, resistance and terror - ... [ View ]

Shift in Electorate's Makeup Makes for Close Contest - Gary Langer, ABC News... [ View ]

Clinton's Lead Over Trump Continues to Narrow - Dan Roberts, The Guardian... [ View ]

Comey, Clinton and This Steaming Mess - Frank Bruni, New York Times... [ View ]

Justice Department Warned FBI Director Not to Act - Sari Horwitz, Washington Post... [ View ]

Julian Assange Shamed Comey Into Action - Mark Steyn, SteynOnline... [ View ]

Tony Blair brilliantly shoots the Remain cause in the foot with his ill-timed intervention - ... [ View ]

'We are forever marked by the sins of our son': Heartbreak of Iraqi parents whose child joined Isil  - ... [ View ]

Iceland's 'Pirates' make historic breakthrough in snap vote: TV poll  - ... [ View ]

Dozens feared dead after air raids hit prisons in Yemen, suicide bomber strikes in Aden   - ... [ View ]

American Airlines plane engine flung debris in rare, risky failure - ... [ View ]

Syria Conducts Airstrikes on Aleppo Amid Intense Clashes - Government forces launched a counteroffensive under the cover of airstrikes in an attempt to regain control of areas they had lost to insurgents.... [ View ]

Bankruptcy Leaves Cargo Ships and Crews Stranded - Korean based Hanjin was billions of dollars in debt when it filed for bankruptcy in August. CBC Reporter Greg Rasmussen reports that failure now has hundreds of ships, crew members and billions of dollars... [ View ]

U.S. Orders Family Members to Leave Consulate in Istanbul - The State Department cited fears of attacks by extremist groups in ordering family members of employees to leave the consulate in Turkey.... [ View ]

PHOTOS: Discarded Memories From Calais Migrant Camp - Discarded Memories From Calais Migrant Camp... [ View ]

Powerful Aftershock Rocks Central, Southern Italy After Pair of Quakes Last Week - Powerful aftershock rocks central, southern Italy after pair of quakes last week... [ View ]

Philippines: China Still Guarding Shoal but Filipinos Back - The Philippine defense chief says aerial surveillance shows Chinese coast guard ships are still guarding a disputed shoal but Filipinos were seen fishing there "unmolested" for the first time in... [ View ]

Sources reveal new details about reopened Clinton email probe - ... [ View ]

Pentagon scrambles as veterans say bonus repayment is an insult to service - ... [ View ]

Clinton adviser in email: Sometimes, Clintons have "the worst" judgment - ... [ View ]

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