Observers urge peaceful , Buildings safe in Vic quake, experts say and other World news

The world news of 2012-06-20 on Tamugaia - Observers urge peaceful PNG election, and Buildings safe in Vic quake, experts say.
Observers urge peaceful PNG election - 3:46 PM... [ View ]

Buildings safe in Vic quake, experts say - 3:54 PM... [ View ]

G20 success depends on what Europe does - 1:24 PM... [ View ]

bodySCULPT’s Liposuction with Cellulite Reduction Surgery Helping Women Achieve an Ideal Figure - bodySCULPT®, a state-of-the-art plastic surgery group based in Manhattan, New York City (NYC) performs superior liposuction with cellulite reduction surgery. The combination procedure is a hit wit... [ View ]

US military industrial complex poised for record foreign military sales this year - Recovery may be slow in the U.S and many areas are facing cutbacks in the public sector such as education. However foreign military sales are heading for a record year. Among the larger sales is of Boeing... [ View ]

Report claims Iran, Russia, China and Syria will hold largest ever joint military exercise in Middle East - Iranian, Russian, Chinese and Syrian armies are planning joint exercises, the largest in the Middle East, comprising some 90,000 ground, naval and air forces, as well as 400 aircrafts, 1,000 tanks and Rus... [ View ]

Syria Creates Hand-Wringing, But No Intervention - The death toll keeps rising in Syria. But after a decade of fighting in the broader region, the U.S. and other Western countries have shown no interest in military action this time.... [ View ]

Among Syrian rebels, a shared sense of commitment - ... [ View ]

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange seeks asylum in Embassy of Ecuador in London - ... [ View ]

Egypt state news agency says Mubarak is ‘clinically dead,’ but lawyer denies report - ... [ View ]

Iran nuclear talks fall short - ... [ View ]

Pakistani premier Gilani ousted from office by top court - ... [ View ]

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