Obama's Health Care, Health Care's Federal Future and other World news

The world news of 2011-02-03 on Tamugaia - Obama's Health Care House of Cards, and Health Care's Federal Future.
Obama's Health Care House of Cards - Michael Walsh, New York PostMonday's ruling by federal Judge Roger Vinson that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act -- a k a ObamaCare -- is unconstitutional is a signal event in modern A... [ View ]

Health Care's Federal Future - Matt Miller, Washington Post"Good afternoon, I'm Brian Williams reporting from Washington, where it looks like October 26, 2017, will be a day that truly goes down in history. In a few moments... [ View ]

Iranian Revolution Echoes in Egypt - Abbas Milani & Michael Totten, PJMAbbas Milani, like most educated Iranians, detested the Shah’s tyrannical regime that ruled over his homeland until it was overthrown in 1979 by a coaliti... [ View ]

Egypt Won't Turn Out Like Iran - Thomas Carothers, The New RepublicAs mass protests sweep through Cairo and Hosni Mubarak teeters, some U.S. observers have turned almost reflexively to the analogy of Iran and the Shah in 1979. &ldq... [ View ]

Obama's Woodrow Wilson Moment - Kate Seelye, Huffington PostIt's time for America to hit the re-set button with the Arab world. As citizens from Algiers to Amman take to the streets to protest autocratic governments, Americans mu... [ View ]

Violence Erupts in Cairo; Army Mostly Stands By - ... [ View ]

The Deadly Beating that Sparked Egypt Revolution - ... [ View ]

Monster Snow Storm Paralyzes Midwest - ... [ View ]

Crisis Continues Wednesday in Egypt: "Mobs of Thugs" said to be pro-Mubarak Supporters - Media reports including the New York Times reports, “Today President Mubarak President Mubarak seems to have decided to crack down on the democracy movement, using not police or army troops... [ View ]

Republic Day 2011 : In pics - India, the largest democratic country in the world today celebrated its 61st Republic day on January 26. As part of the celebrations, the Service Chiefs arrived at Amar Jawan Jyoti to pay tributes at 9:30... [ View ]

Egypt: U.S. calls for "restraint" - In a brief statement, the U.S. government urged to stop violent attacks against peaceful participating in demonstrations in the Egyptian capital, which left one person dead and clicking and more than 400... [ View ]

California school principal shot dead - The principal of a California school was killed on Wednesday in a shooting which triggered an emergency lockdown, police said.... [ View ]

Egypt protests: live - ... [ View ]

After peaceful protest, clashes erupt in Cairo - ... [ View ]

Pandemonium in Cairo, hundreds hurt, one dead - ... [ View ]

Mubarak govt rejects international calls for quick transition - ... [ View ]

Egyptian military talks tough, calls for end to protest - ... [ View ]

Haiti Set To Announce Candidates In Runoff - Haitians braced for unrest with the expected announcement of the final results from the disputed presidential election. Preliminary results showing government-backed candidate Jude Celestin edging out popu... [ View ]

Iraqi Leader Accused Of Running Secret Prison - A human rights group says Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is running his own personal combat brigade, which is overseeing a secret detention facility where men accused of terrorism and other crimes are... [ View ]

A Nobel Peace Prize For WikiLeaks? - Should WikiLeaks be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize because it holds governments accountable for their actions? A Norwegian lawmaker thinks so and has nominated the controversial whistle-blowing website.... [ View ]

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