Obama urges smaller fisc, Crops lead the field for commodities and other Economy news

The economy news of 2012-12-23 on Tamugaia - Obama urges smaller fiscal cliff deal, and Crops lead the field for commodities.
Obama urges smaller fiscal cliff deal - President Barack Obama urged congressional leaders to craft a smaller package to avert the fiscal cliff after the breakdown of talks on a broader deficit reduction plan... [ View ]

Crops lead the field for commodities - Black tea showed biggest price rise since January as bad weather in key regions triggered a strong rally across most of the agricultural commodities... [ View ]

WTO issues loom over EU-Russia summit - EU officials say summit with Moscow is going to be crucial in deciding whether they launch first complaint at WTO against Russia... [ View ]

Tax and economy hit French joie de vivre - A ‘moroseness’ and ‘sadness’ among the population has led to a fall in spending on spirits champagne and toys amid gloomy economic forecasts... [ View ]

RIM shares fall at the open after earnings - ... [ View ]

Walgreen profit falls; flu season may help this quarter - ... [ View ]

Herbalife shares pounded again, close 19 percent down - ... [ View ]

ArcelorMittal takes $4.3 billion write-down on weak Europe - ... [ View ]

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