Obama pledges ‘singula, Inflation worries pose bar to QE3 and other Economy news

The economy news of 2011-08-07 on Tamugaia - Obama pledges ‘singular focus’ on jobs, and Inflation worries pose bar to QE3.
Obama pledges ‘singular focus’ on jobs - The US economy added a better-than-expected 117,000 jobs in July and the unemployment rate ticked down to 9.1 per cent... [ View ]

Inflation worries pose bar to QE3 - Federal Reserve officials believe growth will return without further intervention... [ View ]

Prospect of ECB buying pares losses - Reports that the ECB was prepared to buy Spanish and Italian bonds if Italy announced reforms helped pare losses, though growth fears still weighed... [ View ]

Double dip fears ease on better US jobs data - The relief was palpable as US job creation accelerated somewhat in July after advancing at a dispiritingly slow pace over the previous two months... [ View ]

Leadership needed to stave off fresh meltdown - We have been here before but the differences between 2007-2008 and now should prompt greater concern than the similarities... [ View ]

July payrolls gain soothes recession fears - ... [ View ]

Analysis: World economy wobbles as markets push policymakers - ... [ View ]

Consumer credit shot up in June - ... [ View ]

State, local job loss menaces recovery: analysts - ... [ View ]

Helicopter crash kills 31 US special forces troops - The US suffered its worst single-day loss of the 10-year Afghan war when insurgents shot down a Chinook helicopter west of Kabul, killing 31 US special operations troops and seven Afghan soldiers... [ View ]

Very important to choose varieties of forex trading | Forex News - and the futures market is similar to ordinary investors to participate in foreign currency transactions they use margin trading. Different with. Original post by webmaster@technorati.com Click on pen to va... [ View ]

forex trading before formally entering a few key points | Forex News - forex fluctuations of large, short-term opportunity to do every day, most traders one day to play down the spread to pay a lot, but no received. Original post by webmaster@technorati.com Click on pen to va... [ View ]

Seven tips for forex speculation | Forex News - first, is to learn and learn again never learn. Whether to do any work, we must learn the relevant expertise. From the activity performed, the. Original post by webmaster@technorati.com Click on pen to var... [ View ]

Using forex preservation and appreciation of assets | Forex News - compared with the stock market, forex market is global, international capital investment market, which is characterized by transparent, mature. Original post by webmaster@technorati.com Click on pen to var... [ View ]

Rupee falls – The News International - Rupee fallsThe News InternationalThe local currency came down by 36 paisas to close at 86.60 to a dollar from the previous day's closing of 86.24 in the interbank forex market. “Monday's buying... [ View ]

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