Obama Makes His Case For, Taliban leader Mullah Omar hails peace talks to end Afghanistan war and other World news

The world news of 2015-07-15 on Tamugaia - Obama Makes His Case For Iran Nuclear Deal, and Taliban leader Mullah Omar hails peace talks to end Afghanistan war.
Obama Makes His Case For Iran Nuclear Deal - Thomas Friedman, NYT... [ View ]

Taliban leader Mullah Omar hails peace talks to end Afghanistan war - ... [ View ]

Why They're Cheering in Tehran - Frederick Kagan, Wall Street Journal... [ View ]

After Deal, Will Iran Behave? - David Ignatius, Washington Post... [ View ]

Nuclear Deal Is A Pragmatic Necessity - Alireza Nader, USA Today... [ View ]

Indon beef import cut temporary: Abbott - 4:55 PM... [ View ]

Iran nuclear deal faces fresh challenges - 12:30 PM... [ View ]

News24.com | US teen hikes to safety after plane crash - A teenage girl has survived a plane crash and then used knowledge picked up from watching survival shows on television to hike for two days out of the wilderness.... [ View ]

News24.com | Greek PM says bailout deal must be implemented - Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has defended a bailout deal struck at a euro zone summit, saying the agreement saved it from exiting the euro.... [ View ]

News24.com | ISIS, climate top list of global worries - poll - Climate change is a big worry in Latin America, Asia and Africa, but the Islamic State group spells more anxiety among Europeans and North Americans, a global opinion poll suggests.... [ View ]

Europe's Growing Right Resurgence - The rise of a right-wing coalition in Denmark reflects a trend across Europe of political parties stoking anti-immigrant sentiment and Islamophobia.... [ View ]

Watch: Majestic Athletic Boasts All-Star American Workers - Company from Easton, Pennsylvania, has been making clothing for Major League Baseball for decades.... [ View ]

Hear the Harrowing 911 Call From Plane Crash Survivor - he stunned teenager who survived after a plane crash that is believed to have killed her step-grandparents has been heard from for the first time in her 911 call.... [ View ]

31 Deals Available During Amazon Prime Day Starting Tonight - Amazon just released a sneak peek of some of its Amazon Prime Day deals, which the company touts will outnumber those of Black Friday.... [ View ]

Iran Nuclear Deal: A Look at the Winners and Losers - ... [ View ]

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