Obama Heckled By Reporte, Daredevil Completes Niagara High Wire Walk and other World news

The world news of 2012-06-16 on Tamugaia - Obama Heckled By Reporter At The White House, and Daredevil Completes Niagara High Wire Walk.
Obama Heckled By Reporter At The White House - US President Barack Obama has been heckled by a reporter while making a statement on immigration at the White House.... [ View ]

Daredevil Completes Niagara High Wire Walk - A tightrope walker from a long dynastic line of high-wire stunt performers has completed a historic crossing of Niagara Falls.... [ View ]

On eve of elections, Egypt’s revolutionary momentum is gone - ... [ View ]

Feds have interviewed more than 100 people in two leak investigations - ... [ View ]

U.N. observer chief in Syria questions viability of mission, safety of monitors - ... [ View ]

Indian government nominates finance minister to be president - ... [ View ]

Risks over Bo Xilai case could prompt China to seek low-profile resolution - ... [ View ]

Airline confronts passenger over cleavage - 2:00 PM... [ View ]

Wallenda walks wire across Niagara Falls - 1:37 PM... [ View ]

Trendwatcher: In the Zone for Euro 2012 - In spite of all the scandals and the craziness this week, glorious football, the glue that holds this cruel world together, is managing to edge out politics and the like in Moscow.... [ View ]

Searching For ‘The Great Russian Dream’ - Most Russians would choose personal wealth over a more equal society or true love, according to a report published on Friday.... [ View ]

Transmissions from a Lone Star: America Has No Problems - Problems, problems, everybody has problems. Look at Russia right now. Those protesters - they’ve got problems. If they don’t get prior permission for their rallies they will now be fined thousands of d... [ View ]

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