The world news of 2011-01-25 on Tamugaia - OBAMA ROBS BANKS, and WEEKLY WORLD NEWS BACK ISSUES.
OBAMA ROBS BANKS - HANDENBURG, Austria - President Obama has been robbing Austrian banks to fuel the US economy.... [ View ]

WEEKLY WORLD NEWS BACK ISSUES - Looking for your favorite Weekly World News Issue? ... Our online store has... [ View ]

BETTY WHITE ARRESTED - MALIBU, CA — Veteran television and film actress, Betty White, was arrested in L.A. for public lewdness.... [ View ]

GIANT TARANTULA - GRAND CANYON, AZ – A giant Mexican tarantula was seen terrorizing tourists at the Grand Canyon!... [ View ]

Russian Press - Behind the Headlines, January 24 - Bank of Moscow evaluation surges as Alfa Bank joins the prey / Anti-crisis measures damaging to Russian economy – experts / Chechnya and Dagestan rail against Zhirinovsky... [ View ]

Analyst: Russian defense ministry and military industry part ways - Russia and France have announced a deal to buy the French Mistral-class helicopter carrier. Is this a sign of a new path of the Russian armed forces? What does the rearmament concept look like? Chief edito... [ View ]

Deeper Than Oil: Moscow terminal tramps (bums) - I wrote last week about being stopped by cops at one of Moscow’s main train terminals. I used to quite like hanging out at these places. Despite the filth levels, they were, and still are, a good place f... [ View ]

Bloomberg: Enforce Federal Gun Laws - ... [ View ]

Loughner Pleads Not Guilty to Tucson Massacre - ... [ View ]

Court: Rahm Not Eligible to Run for Mayor - ... [ View ]

Palestinians offered big concessions, leaks show - Palestinian negotiators secretly offered to hand over almost all of East Jerusalem to Israel, according to leaked documents.... [ View ]

He trained the Taliban – and they kidnapped him - ... [ View ]

Talks under way for body to oversee Tunisia cabinet - Tunisian politicians are negotiating the creation of a council to oversee the interim government, people close to the talks said Monday after days of street protests demanding that the cabinet resign.... [ View ]

Russia warned about attack - Russian security services received warnings that an attack was planned at a Moscow airport a week ago.... [ View ]

NY mayor urges Obama gun crackdown - New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has joined gun violence victims calling on President Barack Obama to urge tighter controls on firearms during his State of the Union address.... [ View ]

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