North Korea says Donald , Lax Germania and other Economy news

The economy news of 2018-06-13 on Tamugaia - North Korea says Donald Trump plans to lift sanctions, and Lax Germania.
North Korea says Donald Trump plans to lift sanctions - Official media barely mentions denuclearisation a day after summit with Kim Jong Un... [ View ]

Lax Germania - Germany is far from diligent in applying policy input it receives from Brussels... [ View ]

Daily briefing: AT&T green light, Trump-Kim fallout, Tesla lay-offs - The telecoms company has won the approval for its $80bn takeover of Time Warner... [ View ]

Fast Europe Open: UK CPI, eurozone industrial production - ... [ View ]

Singapore to develop code for ethical use of AI and personal data - Asian city-state taps public and private sector to create voluntary governance rules... [ View ]

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