Nintendo Voice Chat: A Q, 2011 Pokemon Video Game Championship Report and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2011-06-15 on Tamugaia - Nintendo Voice Chat: A Quick Update, and 2011 Pokemon Video Game Championship Report.
Nintendo Voice Chat: A Quick Update - ... [ View ]

2011 Pokemon Video Game Championship Report - ... [ View ]

IGN AU Pubcast Index Page - ... [ View ]

Hordes Maelok the Dreadbound concept art - The latest Privateer Insider blog post has the concept art for the Hordes Minion Warlock Maelok the Dreadbound. From their website: This week, I am proud to reveal one of the amazing new warlocks from the... [ View ]

New painted Dystopian Wars samples - Spartan Games have updated their website with photos of painted samples of the Dystopian Wars Dreadnoughts and the FSA Capital class airship.... [ View ]

Thunderbolt IIC concept art posted - Catalyst Game Labs have posted the concept art for the Thunderbolt IIC Mech (Facebook link) that is part of the upcoming Technical Readout: Prototypes supplement for BattleTech.... [ View ]

Evil Mushroom Free Skull promo extended - Evil Mushroom Games is extending their Free Skull promotion.?... [ View ]

New HeroClix previews - WizKids have posted three new previews of figures from the upcoming Captain America set for the Marvel HeroClix game – Captain America, the Hydra Agent and the Red Skull.... [ View ]

US PS Store update - ... [ View ]

First X-Men Destiny gameplay footage - ... [ View ]

DMC video interview reveals gameplay details - ... [ View ]

Smartphones not a threat to Vita - Sony - ... [ View ]

Microsoft Reveals UK Pricing For New Steering Wheel News - Microsoft reveals an affordable price point for its new Xbox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel...... [ View ]

Current-Gens Lack The Power For Beyond Good & Evil 2 News - Michel Ancel makes a bold claim about the hardware requirements of Beyond Good & Evil 2...... [ View ]

Wii U Could Be 50% More Powerful Than PS3/Xbox 360 News - Developer feedback indicates that the Wii U may be a lot more powerful than first thought...... [ View ]

Hidato Adventures - ... [ View ]

Farm 2 - ... [ View ]

Dracula Series - The Path of the Dragon - Part 3 - ... [ View ]

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