Nikkei slips for second , China benchmark money rate slides on expectations of easy liquidity and other Economy news

The economy news of 2013-03-13 on Tamugaia - Nikkei slips for second day on profit-taking, and China benchmark money rate slides on expectations of easy liquidity.
Nikkei slips for second day on profit-taking - ... [ View ]

China benchmark money rate slides on expectations of easy liquidity - ... [ View ]

CORRECTED-Seoul shares eke out gains, led by Samsung Electronics - ... [ View ]

GLOBAL MARKETS-Asian shares ease, sterling remains vulnerable - ... [ View ]

Ryan unveils plan for deep spending cuts - Republican’s US budget slashes spending on a range of social programmes by $4.6tn over a decade while sparing defence and avoiding any tax rises... [ View ]

US jobs data point to continued stimulus - The hires rate remained unchanged at 3.1% in January – far below the 4% common before the recession – and the quits rate stuck at 1.6%... [ View ]

US investors warn on bank settlement - Purchases of new bonds may be scaled back or yields may have to rise to compensate investors for increased risk, threatening the housing recovery... [ View ]

Dollar is the only serious reserve player - With the advantage of deep markets and recovering growth, the dollar’s pre-eminent position as the world’s main reserve currency remains... [ View ]

SEC charges Illinois with securities fraud - Decades-long failure of Illinois’ leaders to make contributions necessary to fund rising benefits has crippled its fiscal situation... [ View ]

Spectre of stagflation haunts UK - Inflation expectations, measured by difference between nominal and inflation-linked bond yields, ticked up to near 3.3%, levels not seen since 2008... [ View ]

Turkey emerges as true Iraq war victor - Demand for Turkish goods soars by an annual $2bn as exports to Baghdad increase 25 per cent a year, making it Ankara’s second-most valuable market... [ View ]

MEPs plot weapon of mass sequestration - With the €960bn budget agreed by heads of state set to be rejected, the European Parliament is looking at the US model to gain more influence over spending... [ View ]

Japan warms to ‘fire ice’ potential - Tokyo has extracted gas from abundant ‘fire ice’ deposits off its central Pacific coast, but prospects for commercial extraction remain far from certain... [ View ]

FOREX-Yen takes a breather from fall, sterling wallows - ... [ View ]

FOREX-Yen bears take a short break, GBP sees little reprieve - ... [ View ]

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