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The world news of 2014-07-13 on Tamugaia - News24.com | Residents of northern Gaza ordered to leave, and News24.com | Israel defies calls for truce.
News24.com | Residents of northern Gaza ordered to leave - The Israeli military says it is ordering Palestinians living in the northern Gaza Strip to evacuate the area "for their own safety".... [ View ]

News24.com | Israel defies calls for truce - Israel has widened its range of Gaza bombing targets to civilian institutions with suspected Hamas ties and deployed ground troops inside Gaza for the first time.... [ View ]

News24.com | Iran not budging in nuclear talks - Iran has stuck to "inadequate and unworkable" positions in nuclear talks with six world powers despite a looming deadline for a deal to end sanctions against Tehran in exchange for curbs on its atomic prog... [ View ]

Israeli Troops Launch First Ground Raid On Gaza - Israel says it will hit the northern Gaza Strip hard in the next 24 hours as it masses troops and tanks on the border.... [ View ]

World Cup: Day Of Reckoning For Lionel Messi - Footballing legend Pele says he rates the Argentinian striker on a par with Maradona, Alfredo Di Stefano - and himself.... [ View ]

Chinese Takeaway For £900m PizzaExpress Chain - Chinese private equity firm Hony Capital snaps up the iconic restaurant outlet first founded in Britain in 1965.... [ View ]

Afghan Presidential Candidates Agree To Full Recount - The 100 percent recount, brokered by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, will take weeks, postponing the planned Aug. 2 inauguration.... [ View ]

33 People, Mostly Women, Gunned Down In Baghdad - Police say the unidentified gunmen, wearing a mix of plain clothes and camouflage, killed dozens of people in eastern Baghdad.... [ View ]

Rules to Run By in an Election Year - Gail Collins, New York TimesThe 2014 election year is just kicking into gear, but weÂ’ve learned so much already. Among the political pointers for candidates of the future:Do not attempt to curr... [ View ]

Disorder at the Border - Scott Johnson, Weekly StandardWatching the influx of unaccompanied minors crossing our southwestern border daily, a reasonable man could conclude that we are living out the fevered dreams of a dystopian n... [ View ]

Republicans' Lawsuit Faceplant - Brian Beutler, The New RepublicThis is how Republicans destroy their own narrative of the lawless Obama presidency: with a faceplant.When House Speaker John Boehner officially announced that he planned to... [ View ]

More IRS Smidgens Show Up - Ed Rogers, Washington PostAnyone paying attention to the Internal Revenue Service scandal has been waiting for the next smidgen to drop. Well, two more hit pretty hard this week. At the president’s... [ View ]

The Rise of Southern Democrats - Brent Budowsky, The HillIn the battle of Democrats to keep control of the Senate in 2014 and win a substantial victory in the presidential election 2016, the new rise of Southern Democrats is a very big d... [ View ]

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