News24.com | Powerful bl, Trump tweets Comey is "best thing that ever happened" to Clinton and other World news

The world news of 2017-05-03 on Tamugaia - News24.com | Powerful blast targets foreign forces in Kabul, and Trump tweets Comey is "best thing that ever happened" to Clinton.
News24.com | Powerful blast targets foreign forces in Kabul - A powerful blast targeting a convoy of foreign forces near the US embassy in Kabul killed at least eight people and wounded 25, mainly civilians, officials said, the latest attack in the Afghan capital.... [ View ]

Trump tweets Comey is "best thing that ever happened" to Clinton - ... [ View ]

News24.com | Trump, Putin signal new effort to co-operate on Syria - President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin have signalled the prospect of increased co-operation in Syria Tuesday, in what the White House called a "very good" phone discussion that includ... [ View ]

News24.com | Foster parent accused of sex abuse acquitted of all charges - A New York foster parent who took in more than 100 boys over two decades has been acquitted of sexually abusing some of those children in his care.... [ View ]

In the Concert of Nations, Can Trump Orchestrate a Deal? - David Ignatius, WP... [ View ]

Bret Stephens's Opinions Aren't the Problem - Brian Beutler, The New Republic... [ View ]

Climate Editors Have a Meltdown - Holman Jenkins, Wall Street Journal... [ View ]

Anger grows in South Korea over US anti-missile system - Clashes between residents and police over the deployment of THAAD.... [ View ]

A desperate plea for help as four African nations near a famine crisis - Aid agencies are warning four African nations -- South Sudan, Somalia, Yemen and Nigeria -- are in danger of experiencing a famine crisis at the same time, affecting 20M.... [ View ]

Attack on US convoy kills 8 Afghans, wounds 3 US soldiers - Officials say a suicide car bomber has struck a U.S. military convoy in the Afghan capital, killing at least eight Afghan civilians and wounding three U.S. service members... [ View ]

Mexico captures Sinaloa cartel leader Damaso Lopez - Mexican prosecutors say they have captured one of the Sinaloa cartel leaders who launched a struggle for control of the gang following the re-arrest of Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman... [ View ]

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