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The world news of 2015-05-10 on Tamugaia - News24.com | Military transport plane crashes in Spain, and News24.com | Typhoon intensifies, closes in on Philippines.
News24.com | Military transport plane crashes in Spain - An Airbus military transport plane has crashed while performing a test flight in Spain, killing four of its crew, officials say.... [ View ]

News24.com | Typhoon intensifies, closes in on Philippines - The powerful Typhoon Noul has gained strength as it zeroes in on the northern tip of Philippines and so far 1 400 people have been evacuated.... [ View ]

GIs Helped Bring Freedom To Europe, And A Taste For Oregano To America - Now ubiquitous, oregano was a rarity in U.S. cuisine before World War II. But the GIs who encountered it in Sicily fell for the herb, especially in pizza, fueling a boom in Italian-American cuisine.... [ View ]

Russia Celebrates WWII Victory Over Germany - Casualties for Soviet Russia far exceeded other allies arrayed against the Nazis. An estimated 24 million soldiers and civilians were killed.... [ View ]

EU considers military attacks on targets in Libya to stop migrant boats - ... [ View ]

Sarah Lucas: ‘It gets a bit ridiculous being called YBAs now we are in our 50s’ - The artist representing Britain at the Venice Biennale on being an ex-bovver girl and party animal, making money and frying eggs... [ View ]

In search of Scotland’s best beach - ... [ View ]

Happy 70th birthday, Keith Jarrett, our greatest living musician - ... [ View ]

Where have all the ghosts gone? - ... [ View ]

Moscow marks 70 years since victory over Nazis - ... [ View ]

Russia shows off new high-tech tank - ... [ View ]

Celebrating V-E Day 70 years later - ... [ View ]

Cameron defies polls; opposition leaders quit - ... [ View ]

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