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The world news of 2014-10-05 on Tamugaia - News24.com | Hospital: US Ebola patient in critical condition, and News24.com | Ebola ruled out for ill passenger.
News24.com | Hospital: US Ebola patient in critical condition - The lone US Ebola patient is in critical condition, the Dallas hospital that has been treating him reports.... [ View ]

News24.com | Ebola ruled out for ill passenger - US disease-control agents in biohazard suits removed a sick passenger and his daughter from a United Airlines jet in Newark, New Jersey.... [ View ]

News24.com | Police probe video of apparent British ISIS fighter - Police in Britain are "urgently investigating" a video apparently showing a British Islamic State group fighter railing against Prime Minister David Cameron over air strikes in Iraq, Downing Street says.... [ View ]

News24.com | Women targeted in sexual assaults at Hong Kong protests - Women pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong are being targeted with sexual assaults and harassment, demonstrators and an international human rights group have said.... [ View ]

ISIS, Boko Haram and Batman - Thomas Friedman, New York Times... [ View ]

Obama's Limitless Government - Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal... [ View ]

The President's Policies - and Popularity - Loom Large - Dan Balz, WP... [ View ]

Obama Factor in 2014 Vote Similar to 2010 - Jeffrey Jones, Gallup... [ View ]

Mary Landrieu's Last Stand? - Meredith Shiner, Yahoo! News... [ View ]

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