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The world news of 2015-01-04 on Tamugaia - News24.com | Divers try to reach suspected AirAsia wreck site, and News24.com | Canadian who killed eight spared two infants.
News24.com | Divers try to reach suspected AirAsia wreck site - Divers grappled with light rain and rolling waves as they tried to reach what is believed to be the fuselage of AirAsia Flight 8501.... [ View ]

News24.com | Canadian who killed eight spared two infants - A Canadian who murdered eight people including his wife spared two infants during his deadly rampage, while reports emerged that he had previously threatened his family.... [ View ]

News24.com | Two Filipinos dead, 16 missing in ship sinking - Two Filipino sailors have died and 16 others are missing after their cargo ship sank in waters near Vietnam, the Philippine foreign department has said.... [ View ]

News24.com | Pakistani teen killed in fresh cross-border clash - A teenage Pakistan girl has been killed and another child wounded in the latest round of cross-border firing with Indian troops near the eastern city of Sialkot, officials say.... [ View ]

Homes Lost As Australia Battles Bushfires - Officials claim this is the worst blaze to hit Adelaide in years and warn that lives are in danger even as the weather improves.... [ View ]

India: Men Held As Student Reports Gang Rape - Men accused of the attack on the Japanese woman, who was travelling alone, entered court with their faces covered.... [ View ]

Rapist To Be Allowed To End His Life - Report - Frank Van Den Bleeken has a string of rape convictions and has been asking to be euthanised for years.... [ View ]

Edward Brooke, first black American to be elected to senate, dies aged 95 - Edward Brooke, a liberal Republican, was elected to the senate from Massachusetts as a Republican in 1965... [ View ]

Libya: Islamists kidnap 20 Egyptian Christians - Country is riven by violence amid growing extremist threats some three years after the removal of Muammar Gaddafi in a popular uprising... [ View ]

Argentine court says US fugitive can be extradited - Kurt Sonnenfeld is wanted in connection with the death of his wife in 2002 but claims he is being framed to prevent him revealing the truth about the 9/11 terrorist attacks... [ View ]

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