News: Sony apologises fo, News: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn early access weekend hit by server issues and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2013-08-26 on Tamugaia - News: Sony apologises for GTA 5 leaks, and News: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn early access weekend hit by server issues.
News: Sony apologises for GTA 5 leaks - ... [ View ]

News: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn early access weekend hit by server issues - ... [ View ]

Screenshots: F1 2013 (Xbox 360) - ... [ View ]

League of Light: Dark Omens - ... [ View ]

Viktor The Nth - Explore the land beyond the mountains in search of the evergreen fields.... [ View ]

Finally, A Portable Portal - Fans of the Portal series who are looking to venture through Aperture Sciences test chambers on-the-go can finally rejoice as a group of Portal aficionados are developing a homebrew adaptation of Valves ti... [ View ]

Culpability of Video Games in Some Modern Tragedies - Video games have been implicated in a few significant events such as the Columbine school shooting, Sandy Hook and most recently, the shooting of an eighty-seven year-old caretaker by the young child who w... [ View ]

DuckTales Remastered | CheatMasters - avoiderdragon: One of the classics during the time when the Nintendo Entertainment System was dominating the gaming world was Capcoms DuckTales, inspired by the Disney cartoon series. Gamers who grew up du... [ View ]

Japan Shuns Wonderful 101, 3DS Domination Broken According to Major Retailers Weekly Sales Charts - ... [ View ]

Kingdoms Thrive In Age Of Wonders III Screens - The Age of Wonders fantasy strategy series has been MIA for over a decade. Developer Triumph Studios is bringing it back in a PC sequel due out next year. This slew of screens shows off the graphical impro... [ View ]

Dark Souls 2 cinematic trailer shows real-world armor forging - ... [ View ]

Shadow of the Eternals Kickstarter Falls Short - More bad news from Kickstarter pops up on the gaming front, with the Kickstarter for Shadow of the Eternals falling short of its goal. Less than half of [...]... [ View ]

DC Universe Online Adds Recruitment Rewards - In a recent email sent out to players, DC Universe Online (or DCUO) announced the beta for the recruitment reward system. Like most recruitment systems, players who get [...]... [ View ]

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