News: Sniper Elite 3 get, Screenshots: Watch Dogs (Wii U) and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2014-11-19 on Tamugaia - News: Sniper Elite 3 gets free Shooting Range & multiplayer DLC, and Screenshots: Watch Dogs (Wii U).
News: Sniper Elite 3 gets free Shooting Range & multiplayer DLC - ... [ View ]

Screenshots: Watch Dogs (Wii U) - ... [ View ]

Are you considering getting a refund on Advanced Warfare due to lag? - The severe lag on Advanced Warfare is making the game unplayable, we may all need a refund.... [ View ]

EA: Microsoft catching up to Sony - Sony may have started out on top in the console war, but EA executive thinks that Microsoft is catching up.... [ View ]

Someone used LittleBigPlanet to completely recreate Final Fantasy VII - The level creator in every LittleBigPlanet game has been quite flexible, allowing users to create whatever they want - at least to a certain extent. One gamer has recreated the entire Final Fantasy VII gam... [ View ]

Maniac Mansion team reunites for Thimbleweed Park - The creators fof Maniac Mansion have reunited to bring you Thimbleweed Park, a return to Point-and-Click adventure roots.... [ View ]

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