News: New Bigfoot Pictur, Fairy Tale Phantoms and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2012-09-27 on Tamugaia - News: New Bigfoot Picture, Chupacabras, Philadelphia Experiment, and Fairy Tale Phantoms.
News: New Bigfoot Picture, Chupacabras, Philadelphia Experiment - ... [ View ]

Fairy Tale Phantoms - ... [ View ]

Col. Charles Halt claims US UFO coverup - Colonel Halt has accused the federal government of covering up evidence of extraterrestrial visitation. The former Air Force officer who famously reco...... [ View ]

Story 5: My Apartment - ... [ View ]

Story 3: High School Experience - ... [ View ]

Strange UFO Report from Indiana - An unusual UFO sighting was made from Princeton, Indiana on September 8. Workers were doing a repair job on the roof of the Toyoto building when something out of the ...... [ View ]

UFOs Reported in Connecticut - ... [ View ]

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