New Research on the Theo, 17.19 – MU Plus+ Podcast and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2018-05-16 on Tamugaia - New Research on the Theory that Octopuses are Aliens, and 17.19 – MU Plus+ Podcast.
New Research on the Theory that Octopuses are Aliens - The controversial theory that mysterious and biologically complex octopus is so unique that it had to come from another planet just got a scientific paper backing it. “Thus the possibility that cryoprese... [ View ]

17.19 – MU Plus+ Podcast - This week we look into Schrödinger’s Bigfoot and the case for a quantum entangled sasquatch before encountering more missing person cases with a 411 template. This time we visit the slopes of Mount... [ View ]

Parallel Universes Might be Habitable - While the search for extraterrestrial life here in this universe is complicated enough, the problem becomes even murkier when you account for the multiverse theory—our universe might one of many “u... [ View ]

Nazi Gold & Men in Ape-Suits & Bigfoot - In my 2016 book, The Bigfoot Book, I wrote: “Depending on one’s personal perspective, it’s either the best evidence that Bigfoot exists or it’s one of the world’s most enduring, outrageous ho... [ View ]

The Most Bizarre Mystery Phantoms and Monsters of Japan - Japan has rightly earned itself a reputation as a wellspring of the weird, of that there can be no doubt. Of special interest here is all of the strange creatures and entities said to inhabit this land, ra... [ View ]

Help Us Take Down Corrupt Constructs - ... [ View ]

Project Maven: Google employees reportedly quit over military drone AI project - End Gadget Around a dozen Google employees have quit over the company’s involvement in an artificial intelligence drone program for the Pentagon called Project Maven, Gizmodo reported today. Meanw... [ View ]

In blow to Monsanto, India’s top court upholds decision that seeds cannot be patented - Nation of Change In an another legal blow to Monsanto, India’s Supreme Court on Monday refused to stay the Delhi High Court’s ruling that the seed giant cannot claim patents for Bollgard and Bollgar... [ View ]

FBI Files: Scientists and Medical Professionals - The Black Vault Below you will find various FBI files on prominent scientists and medical professionals from around the world. Declassified Scientist and Medical Professional FBI Files  Abramson, Harold... [ View ]

A TAKE ON ISRAEL & IRAN: WHY IS THERE WAR WHEN THE PEOPLE OF EARTH WANT PEACE? - Collective Evolution What the heck is going on in our world? First, peace finally finds its way to one historically troubled region, the Korean peninsula. With this unprecedented reconciliation, we the peo... [ View ]

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