New Ghosts And Ghosts Th, Is There A Spirit Portal In My House? and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2015-12-25 on Tamugaia - New Ghosts And Ghosts That Follow, and Is There A Spirit Portal In My House?.
New Ghosts And Ghosts That Follow - ... [ View ]

Is There A Spirit Portal In My House? - ... [ View ]

Alabama Haunting - It was 2011, I was in fifth grade at the time. We had just moved to Alabama from North Carolina. We arrived in Phenix City, a small town right on the border of Alabama and Georgia next to Columbus. I walke... [ View ]

Hooded Spirit With No Face - ... [ View ]

Watching From The Stairs - ... [ View ]

Giant Alien Sphere Over Nellis and Area 51 Air Force Base! Dec 2015, Video, UFO Sighting News. - ... [ View ]

Scientists find life form that lives forever - A group of invertebrates known as hydra have the unique ability to regenerate themselves indefinitely. With a name that matches the multi-headed monst...... [ View ]

Are comets more dangerous than asteroids ? - Our planet may be at higher risk from a large comet impact than from a conventional rocky asteroid. Most of the objects that pose a risk to the Earth ...... [ View ]

Man watches Star Wars for 46 hours straight - Jim Braden has taken binge-viewing to a whole new level by spending almost two days watching Star Wars. Fans of the epic sci-fi saga will have been ea...... [ View ]

Boston Dynamics reveals its robot reindeer - The robotics company has released a Christmas video featuring some rather unorthodox-looking reindeer. Best known for its work developing robotic plat...... [ View ]

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