Nelson Mandela admitted , Journalist Marie Colvin likely to be buried in Syria, mother says and other World news

The world news of 2012-02-26 on Tamugaia - Nelson Mandela admitted to hospital in South Africa, and Journalist Marie Colvin likely to be buried in Syria, mother says.
Nelson Mandela admitted to hospital in South Africa - ... [ View ]

Journalist Marie Colvin likely to be buried in Syria, mother says - ... [ View ]

Inspectors: Iran boosting enrichment efforts - ... [ View ]

Watch: Afghanistan Assassinations: U.S. Officers Killed - ... [ View ]

Two American Officers Murdered As Afghan Unrest Continues - ... [ View ]

Watch: Gas Prices on Daily Rise - ... [ View ]

Watch: Michigan Primary 2012: Santorum Seeks Upset - ... [ View ]

Watch: Rutgers University Bullying Trial - ... [ View ]

Russians Turn to Hunger Strikes to Protest Injustice - When Olga Lomakova and dozens of other residents of the west Siberian city of Omsk began to refuse food last month to draw attention to alleged police and court corruption they joined scores of people acro... [ View ]

Trendswatcher: Putin Quoted Lermontov and the Lit Geeks Rejoiced - Say what you want about Russia - there’s one thing that I hope never changes in this country: and that’s the way in which poetry remains relevant to public life.... [ View ]

FACTBOX: Syrian Opposition Profile - Syrian groups opposing the regime of President Bashar al-Assad can be divided into three main categories: the outside, the inside, and the armed.... [ View ]

Due West: Putin may need to change his tune - Vladimir Putin’s advisors have finally come to the conclusion that “Size does matter”. Their strategy to fight back against the opposition’s challenge can be summed up with the phrase, “The bigge... [ View ]

Uncertain World: Why Does Russia’s Stance on Syria Baffle Everyone? - “Why does Russia support dictators?” a French correspondent who has come to Moscow to find out about Russia’s stance on Syria asked me. “Why does the West support the Islamists and terrorists who c... [ View ]

MAYANS HAD CONTACT WITH ALIENS - MEXICO CITY - A new documentary about Mayan civilization proves they made contact with extraterrestrials.... [ View ]

Scotland moves toward vote on independence - ... [ View ]

NATO personnel withdrawn from Afghan ministries after killing of two Americans - ... [ View ]

As Syria prepares to vote on new constitution, some still support Assad - ... [ View ]

Putin presidency means more than taking office - ... [ View ]

Hugo Chavez may have aggressive tumor, cancer experts say - ... [ View ]

Gunman kills two US Army officers in Afghan Interior Ministry - A gunman killed two Americans inside the heavily guarded Afghan Interior Ministry in the center of the capital Kabul on Saturday, as protests against the burning of copies of the Muslim holy book roiled th... [ View ]

Britain reportedly joins dash for oil in Somalia - Britain is secretly seeking oil-drilling rights in Somalia as it offers the beleaguered country humanitarian and security aid, The Guardian of London reports.... [ View ]

5.9 earthquake strikes southern Taiwan - An earthquake that struck southern Taiwan caused minor damage, according to local media reports.... [ View ]

Pakistan demolishes bin Laden compound - Crews have begun to demolish the compound where al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden was killed by U.S. forces in May, local residents said.... [ View ]

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